Donning my jacket to go to work

a good man, a family man

I kiss my wife goodbye

Hug the kids and kiss them in turn

lovingly, happily

their breakfast stains my tie.

Head down the highway,

Snailing on, with music on

Playing my happy songs

Reaching to work at quarter to eight,

punctual, functional

My boss and I get along.

After five days the weekend comes,

at long last, my workload past

I make time for my family

go to the park and carry them to church,

religiously, every week

I think the Pastor likes me.

I thought I was a good person,

I don’t lie, I pay my tithes

I worked with every breath,

Then God finally showed me

how I was fooled, I saw the truth;

my only reward was death.

It’s very important for us to recognize that our works won’t save us. No amount of charity, good deeds or acts of kindness can change that we were born in sin, and that the only way for us to be free is through the blood of Jesus. Without the shedding of blood, we cannot be made clean again.

When God sent His son for us upon the cross, it was for OUR sin. He was perfect; but we all have faults, shortcomings and things that we can’t handle. This is the reason He made a way for us, that we can take on HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and He OUR SIN, so that because of His grace, we can see salvation, and an eternity ravished in His love for us with Him in heaven. So how do we reconcile ourselves? Trust in God; He’s got it all under control 🙂



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