She had just returned from the meeting of the Elder Council; talks were still ensuing with the Spanish lords from the East, but fatigue weighted her brows and without an afternoon’s reprieve, she feared that she’d be too rash in her decision making. Leaving her advisers behind, she descended the stone stairway.

“Your Highness,” came a voice she recognized at once. It was Sir Joel; a comely young man, wise beyond his years and a joyful conversation when she needed. “The King asked me to deliver this to you.” She accepted the package with a nod, and followed her guard to her quarters. Well aware of the times, she had no doubt as to what the contents of the golden case could have been. She peered into it’s hallowed cavity, finding the left side of a pair of earrings; a golden hoop it was, dotted across its length with diamond patterned kunzite gemstones. A letter was affixed  to the piece, written and signed by none other than the king himself.

“In fields of sapphire, topaz and agate orchids we shall meet;
– the King”

 Her heart bubbled from within. He remembered, she thought. It was the place in which they first met. The gardens were not merely what they were back in those days, but then again, neither were they. It was merely an open field where they were nothing but peasants strolling on by. Thoughts of meetings, treaties and stressful negotiation fizzled in the euphoria that she now felt, and for a moment, she was nothing but that little girl who fell in love with a boy who happened to pass by. She dismissed her Guard and called for her chariot.

Under normal circumstances, this would have been the indicator that she finally lost it, especially in light of the wars around their little kingdom. Her guard was wise to obey her, however, for they all knew what day it was, and to get on the bad side of the King was never a good thing. Her loyal steeds, Brixen and Norse were the only ones allowed to accompany her on this journey. Flailing manes of ebony and hoary white poked their wiry hairs round the lower rim of her vista of the courtyard she now ploughed through. Patrons of the Monarch darted to and fro, dodging the brunt of her reckless abandon. They were well aware that she had her moments, when the bridles she placed on her demeanour would vanish, letting loose the beautiful foal within. They didn’t altogether mind though, for it was a pleasant distraction from the tension the war created and many a young man found themselves captured by the passion that she displayed, wishing the same intensity of love to befall them in their futures.

After an eventful ride of knocking down a melon stand, almost totalling another carriage (that may or may not have belonged to an ambassador from another kingdom) and splashing a  barrel of water on  an old couple, she rolled up to the outskirts of the gardens, easing on the reigns and slowing her steeds to a brisk trot. She had every mind to burst through the gates, but she had caused enough mayhem already through the streets and thought it wise to don some decorum in front of the soldiers that kept watch over their fields. She was expecting to be soon in the arms of her love, but that wasn’t quite the case.

Another hoop, another message.

“It brings me pain to disappoint, but I was forced to take my leave.
I shall see you where the sand meets the sea.”

 At first, she was a bit disappointed. No sooner had she turned round to head where she knew he thought of than a new vigour stirred up within her. She raced off into  the distance, abandoning customs and etiquette once again. Little did she know, this was going to be a common theme. With each destination, another piece of jewellery, and another message. She was beginning to grow a little frustrated with her king, but with each trip she took, something curious was happening. Every leg of the journey made her look more like royalty, but feel less like one. She sparkled and jingled her way through the nation, sweating and sighing with each tinge of disappointment when upon arrival, her love was not to be found.

That was, until she came upon a peaceful river near a rocky hillside that she had never seen before. She met no soldiers there; not even a crest bearing their nation’s emblem; a Lion with an axe in its maw, was there to greet her, but the visage of a crown bearing figure with his feet in the water. She said not a word, but dipped her aching feet in the cool, refreshing waters and slipped into his arms.

“I come here when being a king gets too much for me; I can just be myself here. I wanted you to not just be a queen, but be yourself. That’s the woman I fell in love with.” Her lips curled into a peaceful smile. She tugged his arm gently, nestled her head into his chest and fell asleep. Just like they always did…


So that’s basically what I did for my valentine’s day gone just yesterday. I may be no king, but I want her to feel like royalty. She certainly looks like it 😉 I made her go all about our campus looking for me, finding little hearts with messages where I said I would be in them. She eventually found me, and we enjoyed a nice, but brief time together. Classes got in the way of our afternoon, however. :/ 

We all may not have had a valentine this year, but that doesn’t mean that we are devoid of love. It’s important to recall the love of family and friends who help us enjoy each and every day of our lives. More than that, we need to always recall the love of Jesus Christ, who made it clear that He loved us when He died and rose again just so that He could spend the rest of eternity with us. I never seen anyone else top that before 😉

I love you all! I hope you enjoyed this little piece right here, and as always, God bless you!

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