Imaginary walls

Built up to shut me in

Constructed by mental constructs

That seek to make me cringe;

To flinch!

Cower in my insecurities

To mistake my imagination

For what  is indeed reality

Imaginary walls

Built to surround

To decapitate my ascension

And pin me to the ground

Cut me off from outside

To hide safely, alone

Free to play with all the demons

That take residence in my home

Imaginary walls

Painted with graffiti

Pictures drawn of the outside world

Or what I imagined it to be

Beautiful; toxic.

 Poisoned by what I think

Defiling me as I am enticed

To consume these illusory drinks.

Imaginary walls

Daunting but for a while

Until revelation kicks in

 I see how I was beguiled.

Imaginary walls,

Laugh while I make not a sound

After I’ve marched this seventh time

All your lies are coming down.


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