The following are a few of the many things that I have wanted to get off my chest for some time now, some more than others. I’d usually give some explanation or context as to why I’m doing this, but maybe we’ll get into that a little later, ok? I warn you, this is going to be selfish, ignorant of perhaps everyone but me, and for all I know, directed at people I actually know…

Here goes!


I’m sick of Pastors putting on a ‘pastor voice’ to speak to their congregation. I’m sick of people saying things when they pray, and not even knowing why they do, like the overly abused word ‘just’ and quoting random scriptures just because they heard other people say them. I’m tired of Christians striving to be religious and not Christlike. I hate when people (including myself) shoulder things by themselves saying they can handle it, and end up falling short in the long run. I’m weary of choosing to help others till the point where I am to weak to help myself. I’m sick of people being so mentally oppressed by circumstance that they don’t see how powerful they really are. I’m sick of giving everything my all and then handing my dregs to God. I’m sick of choosing cheap alternatives to end up wasting the rest of my money anyway. I hate when people make assumptions about me, whether good or bad. I’m sick of school taking away from my time with my friends. I’m tired of circumstances forcing me to choose between one or the other when I really want to do both. I’m quite fed up being chained down by responsibilities. I hate that I still haven’t found my thing. I really hate when circumstances make me start to doubt my convictions. I hate being trapped in my own mind when things aren’t that well. I hate the feeling I get when people ask me to do major tasks that are a long way off; the icky feeling inside that doesn’t go away until it’s done. I hate planning to do work but then getting caught up in something else and shirking it off till tomorrow. I hate waking up to find out I have work to do. I hate being to scared to say what I really want to say when things don’t bode too well. I hate that I had to make a draft of this post because I had to leave before I could finish…

I could have probably gone on and on about things that didn’t go my way, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t always really get you anywhere. I mean, it felt pretty good to get it off my chest, mind you, but other than that, it didn’t really do anything for me. All that complaining leaves for you is a tall order of things you need to try to change; for those you can’t, well, just pray to Jesus about it and hope for the best.

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