As you all may (not) know, I do happen to enjoy me some video games. Recently, after a hiatus with the brink of a new school term, I’ve resumed playing League of Legends, a MOBA game from riot games. My summoner name is black ace 868 (in case you play too) so feel free to add me if you want… I do warn you that I’m only level 18, so don’t get all excited about playing ranked matches with me. I still have a life after all!


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For those of you who aren’t aware, league of legends pairs you up with four other players as you pit yourself in a 5v5 match to try and capture the other team’s base. Being the introverted, analytical man that I am, I’ve learnt quite a few things about teamwork during my exploits on the fields of justice:

1) No matter how hard you try on your own, there can always be that one guy (or gal) who messes up enough to offset your stock-photo-the-word-fail-in-the-style-of-a-stamp-55605202endeavours and cost you the game.
2) The internet isn’t perfect. People disconnect sometimes. Deal with it.
3) Not everyone is cut out to be a leader just like that. There often is someone with that choleric fuelled need to tell everyone else what to do. It’s nice to listen for some form of team congruence, but still trust experience and give your own input.
4) some people get a little too much in the game, and rage whenever things aren’t going their way. Don’t pay them any mind; it’s just a game!

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5) a lot of people are quick to give up… Just a little lag behind and they’re already pointing fingers and say the ever famous “surrender at 20” line.

So, inspired by her post (it’s her first post ever, so please go check it out and support her 🙂 ) one of my friends decided to ask a group of us what led us to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Each of us went in turn (I was second) and shared the details of our experiences, which was a blessing in itself to hear. I wish you could have been there! Nevertheless, it was a common theme that many of us had, at some point or another, thought that we were alone in this Christian walk as a youth. We were all awestruck when we realized that this was the furthest thing from the truth, and that there were quite a large number of us on this beautiful island we call home.

This “aloneness” was the source, and if not, a major contributor to many of our struggles growing up. I know for sure, that this couldn’t have been more accurate in my case, as in Secondary school (the middle-high school equivalent in where I live) I always felt alone. I questioned God about this on many occasions, and it was only in hindsight that I could truly appreciate the effect it had on being who I am today. As it stands, I am a strong advocate that Christians should stick together. What we call ‘fellowship’ is, for some people, a lifeline, a little shred of hope that keeps them going when they know that in their private time, countless mental ills and frightening circumstances haunt them.

First of all, Jesus had his 12 homies with ’em all the time. It is quintessential to recognise that despite him having his company, He still made the time and effort to spend alone, and alone with His Father at that. Never neglect God! They weren’t just His disciples; they were His friends. He ate with them, walked with them everywhere, talked to them and camped with them all over the place. Just about three years of their lives were spent together without reprieve. I’d like to think that to Him, they were family. Even when they worked Jesus advised them to go out in pairs; it was never a one-man show or a test of individual aptitude. He was culturing them to work as a team.

As a body.

When the disciples had issues, they talked to each other. For example, they thought Jesus was mad at them for not buying bread for him (for the locals, this could be taken as a hilarious Chutney reference) and they talked among themselves. They didn’t keep everything to themselves. Even after Jesus’s time here on Earth, we see evidence of community within the early church. When Peter was in prison, the church prayed for him, and he was out quite shortly after. It was said of those in acts that:

“All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.” -Acts 4:32


We get a strong sense of the unity that they had. So, my question is, why do we try to keep it all to ourselves? When have we grown so ignorant of our brothers and sisters that we can’t even say hi when we see each other on the street? We could pray for one another and share our burdens, letting each help one another (James 5:16) . We have power in agreement (Matt 18:19) to help us to continue in righteousness,  and , not to forget, awesome people to enjoy good times with. There will be people around us to help us grow, and make sure that we keep ourselves in check if we go astray.

So, just like on the fields of justice, we ought to do our best to work well with others (despite how good or bad they are) towards our common goal: Showing the love of Christ to those around us. There may be leaders among us, and we’d do well to follow them, but always trust above all things the Holy Spirit. Some of us may get discouraged easily, but we must always band together and lift up one another. Most and best of all, don’t consider yourself better than anyone one else. God sees us as one bride, and so we should act like one. Don’t point fingers or say it’s unfair because he’s less of a Christian and doesn’t know better… Teach him! Once we band together in Christ, there is nothing we can’t do!

Have a blessed day folks! I hope you all were encouraged to fellowship! And in case you were wondering how to mingle, bring juice. Trust me, juice gets people talking! 😉

Love you guys 😀


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