So i’ve been writing poetry for a challenge on Facebook, and on day 6 they wanted us to write a poem about our best friend. You all very well know that Jesus takes first place on the bff’s list, but because I knew that i’d probably write every single poem about Him, I’ve decided to let a few slide. Mind you He was the very first special guest in my writings, and He will feature in several others as the month goes on. So, I wrote about my best friend. Turns out, I’m in love with her 🙂 she doesn’t wear glasses (that’s mine in the pic actually) but I love the photo so much I just had to use it :p Enjoy!

I’d share my last cookie with you

Because that’s how good you are

Even though you don’t like cookies

Because I’m sharing my heart

As if that one chocolate chip blunder

Yes I know you don’t like chocolate,

Is a representation of my love

And for that you’d love it

You don’t have to eat the whole thing,

But only just a piece

Because bickering over last cookies

And other silly things

Isn’t worth breaking hearts.

But let’s just share my last cookie,

And be friends forever.

Our cookies may one day crumble,

But our hearts will always stay together.



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