*dusts off cobwebs from blog screen*

Hello everyone!!!! I know it’s been quite far too long for me. I feel like when you just wash your hands and go out into the AC… so cold and awkward! I missed you all, but sometimes, life (or a lack thereof) gets in the way. With projects, productions and exams (which I should be studying for right about now) cramping up your time, it’s often not that easy to find the time to write about all the things that  go on in your life. It’s quite funny that I’d say that. I remember spending time just like now in my room writing in a little book of mine about my adventures as a youth with nothing to gain but stains upon pages that expressed his yearnings for more than just the four  walls that mocked him each day. It’s important to take time out to reflect upon life, isn’t it?

It’s also important to study!

Today I’ve been reflecting on many a journey to reach the shoes that I now fill.


My girlfriend was practising a dance for this song today. I watched her carry out her routine, with little glimpses into my laptop screen to do work although it should have been the other way around, and I was bombarded by an array of feelings that I’m yet to assert myself. The vigour and passion embodied within that little frame of hers, combined with the grace and elegance to which it was executed had an effect on me. The first thing that hit me was wow, she is quite the beauty. Then, there’s perhaps nothing more beautiful than someone giving their all for God’s glory. And last, but not least, He (Jesus) want’s it all.

It inspired a tingling on the inside, that was quite familiar. The last time I felt this was days before we got together, and I enlisted her help in counselling a friend of mine, whom she’s now close to. I’ve talked to this person time and time again, but having her there helped so much… it was unbelievable. My friend tells me now that people like us give her hope for life, and that is no light compliment. That sensation then was for me a hope for a future filled with God given purpose for our lives as a unit; working together within the design and framework that he deemed fit for us. I’ve been elected to be the president of the Christian club I’m always talking about, IVCF, and she’s on the executive for this year’s proceedings. The nostalgia can’t help but highlight the excitement of a great year to come!

But enough of that for now.

Perhaps you weren’t looking for me to get all mushy now, but I can’t help myself sometimes. Within that plethora of emotions was that love I had for her. When I saw her in those moments, she wasn’t just the person I fell in love with. She was a vessel, infused with God’s love, power and purpose. She was sure in what she wanted, and in what she was doing. There was no fear, no doubt and no hurt. Just an expression of love and joy. Within that gap, she brought me out of the experiences of life’s hardships to a place where there was but three; she, God and myself. We held hands, basking in the shimmering glory of His presence. The air was crisp, the warmth of light like an evening sunset divine… a smile creased my lips.

You may not understand how much this meant to me at that particular point in time, for like me, you weren’t able to see things too clearly. My life felt dark. Responsibilities and obligations plagued me, not to mention a group project that torments my thoughts every time it finds itself there. I was able to slip out, and breathe. Okay, so maybe I could have gotten a bit mushier, but hey, time’s a wasting! Never lose sight of those special people in your life that help you see brighter days, because when dark times come, you never know what might pull you through.

Hope you enjoyed guys! Love you all 🙂




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