To see you smile

They say sorrow lasts for a night

But joy comes in the morning,

And that’s quite hard to see

When you spend your dawn in mourning.

But let me shed some light

Upon those muscle weighed lips

That the corners may relax

And the edges uplift

All things work for good,

The great, the bad and the ugly

They make life more abundant

And not just get your nose runny.

Disappointments come, and our hearts get low

They sink into our chest with despair.

It’s a great thing to remember in these times,

That we have a God who cares!

Even though you don’t feel like smiling,

He want’s to smile with you.

To take you up in His arms,

And to lovingly carry you through.

So come, magnify the Lord with me,

And let’s exalt His name together.

When we get sad, it’s good to know

That we can both smile for each other.

It’s His presence that brings fullness of joy,

Given through measures of His grace,

I’d love to go there with you,

Just to have that smile on your face.

I love you, and want you to be ever happy,

Never  clouded with dismay,

So I hope you really listen

To these last words I say

I love you doesn’t always work,

And a hug may last awhile.

But I’ll drag you to His throne of grace,

Just to see you smile.


Just like that

A twisted heart,

Tender and trampled

Pierced by briars of deceit

Resting within conceited brambles.


Resounding with resonating bells

Beating like a drum in time

to the downbeat this heart felt.

Trust, it’s a hard thing to come by.

When that heart is pierced,

It gushes out like water,

Flowing alongside blood,

Signifying the death of something real.


Just a word with a meaning so great

To demonstrate the difference between a commoner

And a King.

It means everything to most.

How does one bring life back to this downtrodden,

Trust broken

Dead holey heart?

Is there a way to fill it up again?

Sadly, no.

It can’t be patched up

Fixed by the mechanic

For a discounted fee because

You’re a regular customer;

It must be purchased anew:

Refreshed entirely and placed in a body

That is willing to forgive.

It takes time to manufacture,

And more often than not

The dealer strikes a bargain

If you would listen to Him.

When he tells you to open to the pain again,

Surrender your nerves that tense your hurting soul

When the knives and scalpels come

With no warning or sedative.

Clench your teeth, cause you may need some grit

To bear it when it comes,

Because the poisonous knot in your heart

Hurts when it comes out.

The irony is, once you open your tear streaked face

You notice something quite astounding.

A silhouette standing in front of you.

All you can see is warm eyes and bright glowing teeth.

You look upon yourself, covered in blood,

Realizing it’s not your own,

But that of the one in front of you,

Who took your hurt upon himself,

So that you won’t hurt anymore.

He transplanted his heart into your empty vessel

So that you can love again,

So that you can trust again,

Although, quite frankly,

You have no reason to.

The world gets brighter and it all makes sense;

He paid the price,

And you’ve been forgiven ever since.

And just like that,

You let go.

New in Christ

(photocredit to

Copyright Garrick Beckles @ May 2014. 


Real Talk: I’ve been thinking lately…

Hello folks! It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, what with me hardly being home and all, which reminds me I have quite a lot to talk about in the next coming weeks. So, if you don’t mind, you could play this song while you read. No real reason in particular, I just like the song and wanted to share it with you 🙂

I’ve had quite a bit of time on my hands between travelling and simply just sitting back on the mountainside and staring into the open expanse of the urban lights decorating a burgundy tinged night, and so I was blessed to perceive somewhat the bigger picture of things. We all have dreams, ambitions and plans. Well, most of us do. We go on about our lives, pursuing these goals and visions of grandeur with all our efforts, and some even are sure to take time out to rest up and what not. The Christians among us even consider ministry; how we may be able to serve God.

And all that is great.

Recently, I’ve had this thought. I think I’m going about this all wrong. I’ve read about the apostles and dudes who didn’t even care about their life. Like, at all! Everything they had and did was to glorify God. My thoughts, I felt, didn’t reflect that mindset. At all. I’ve always thought about how I can serve God and stuff like that, but my focus was on me. In other words, my centre of influence was myself, even though it was as related to Christ. I guess in a way it’s like I’m trying to find works that would get me in the ‘it crowd’ of Heaven, even though that’s wrong. If you don’t get what I’m saying, it’s fine. I’m kind of wrestling with the thought myself at this point.

I want to be at the point where Christ is my focus; not serving Christ, not living, breathing, burping, farting… I think you get my point. The life I’m living now has a lot of content, which isn’t my problem, but that these things have been allowed to shape my life, when really, it should be Christ alone. Seeking the Kingdom first, not meaning in terms of sequence but priority, is what I’ve been doing pretty much. But, what if I was to seek the Kingdom only?

What do you mean by that bro?

I’m not saying to drop all and come to Jesus, but to pick up your cross and follow Him. What if EVERYTHING you did was in line with glorifying God? The conversations you keep, the spouse you marry, the car you drive… what if you positioned each and every resource that is at your disposal toward the furtherance of the kingdom? I’m not sure if you all feeling me yet though. I think this scripture is quite relevant here:

Proverbs 3:6

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

What if we actually did this? Often, I’ve prayed for things. I’ve bossed God around like a little child who wants juice. I know He’s the one in charge, but I don’t act like it. I ask for His help, more often wanting Him to have my way than the other way around. If, in everything, I acknowledged him, giving ear to His way and His plan, things would be a lot different. This doesn’t mean your entire life is a lie folks, it’s just a thought I wanted to share with you.

Do you acknowledge Him? Are your paths directed by Him? Have a blessed day everyone! I love you guys 😀

Works of Art

Now I’m not trying to toot my horn or anything, but I would often refer to myself as an artist. I’ve dabbled in works such as poetry, drawing (mostly with pencil but I use my eraser more than I do the actual leads) drums, vocals and song writing (which is TOTALLY different from poetry…. I’m serious stop laughing!). Having done these things gave me a great appreciation for the dedication and hard work that people put behind their productions. It helps a lot to be a fan of art, rather than a fan of artists, because no matter what you are faced with, you recognize that somebody put their heart and spirit into this, etched their own fingerprint and signature on it, leaving traces of familiarity, as well as little tidbits that tell you a little about them. Basically, you’re not getting some face or voice that one may like or dislike; you’re getting their heart. And that’s something to value! 


Any time I hear something on the radio, which mind you, is not often at all since I’m not quite a radio person, I always remind myself of this fact. I get lost behind the rhythms, arrangements and lyrics, pondering a world of possibilities for drove this piece to reach this point. I wonder what was the true intentions behind the song, and those who sing it. I’m quite aware that not every artist (as it relates to music) writes their own music, but behind the scenes there are little minstrels who sow these messages that some identify with, while others try to. Thinking about the responsibility one could have in changing someone’s perspective on life through these mediums as a result I think is quite important, but that would take this post in a completely different direction. Even as it relates to art, poetry and most creative works in general, we often find blueprints of the creator behind it. 

If I have the opportunity, I love to hear the motivation that drove the creator into producing whatever he has brought forward to the Imagetable. The influences in his (or her) life, and other life experiences that perhaps fashioned the lens through which this person looked through to achieve what they did. Be it excellence or sub par, it reflects their identity in some way, some pieces more than others. Often times, we tend to use the art as a base to judge the artist, when we have no idea where the artist’s perspective is. In truth, it should be the other way around! Our culture trained us to do so; for value is determined by performance and material, measurable quantities as opposed to motives, zeal, mental states…. and well, life in general. That doesn’t mean to say if we don’t like something that we should say that we like it because of the artist; at the end of the day, we are people of taste, and we all have our preferences. 

Now please, PLEASE EXCUSE THE CLICHE, but we are in fact, God’s works of art. He made us, and we all posses little blueprints within us that reveal His character. I know for sure, I sometimes look at my circumstances, which could be considered His art, and use that as a base for judging God, when I really should be looking to God, and try to understand His perspective of things. He said that He has plans for me, and so while the art may not appeal to me at this present time, I’m but just a piece of clay in His hands, while He’s forming me to become what He wants me to be, and this is His way of doing things. I’d also take the time to plug my little input for some Christian (music) artists in the industry, who for some reason or the other, may not be performing what some people deem as “Gospel” music. I’m not saying that they should or shouldn’t preach through their lyrics, because I’m not judging them. I don’t want to judge them. They are free to do what they wish, and often, if we look from the perspective of the artist and then listen to the music, the messages they outlay are quite different then what the casual listener might hear. 


At the end of the day, if I want the Gospel to reach the four corners of the earth, then I should do something about it. I don’t need to sit here complaining about what they are doing, for in truth, I have no idea what they are doing. I’m not in their shoes. Nevertheless, God made them too, and for all I know, has a purpose for having them where they are at that point in time. What is creation to question it’s creator?

All in all, no matter what work of art pricks your fancy, there’s an artist behind it. Show them some love! God created us and wants to show us His love, asking only that we show Him some love in return. How do we show Him that love? Well, there’s a wonderful book called the Bible that teaches us that. And that is one fine piece of art if I do say so myself 🙂

Have a blessed day guys! I love you all 🙂 And a special credit to all the mysterious creators of the awesome art I featured here… what were their stories? I wonder…

Real Talk: Second Place

It takes a certain quality of a man to come to terms with being second. It isn’t easy to feel second best, because it feels like just not good enough; A taste away from being separated from the rest. Second best, is like first worst, for you were THIS close to the glory of it all. Being third isn’t that bad, you may even feel good about it, but when everything is on the line in the grand finals and you fall short, it feels sickening. It felt like yours! You could see it. I had to remember that feeling, the feeling of being second.

It’s kind of easy when everything goes easy. You press on, facing pressure maybe, working your butt off to stay ahead of things? Sure! But you’re in front, you’re ahead of the game, and things may be going smoothly. You may suffer fierce competition from your competitors, and so you fight on, and they fight back. They press you against the rocks, but u keep at it, swinging with all your might to prove why they call you “numero uno”.

The problem with being first is that being second just doesn’t work for you anymore. You climbed to the top, so how dare anyone else take your place? You fight to stay there, and you cleave to whatever keeps you in that spot. It may not even be your selfishness, but you simply desire to keep a standard that got you where you are in the first place. It might even be to the benefit of others as well.

Well, let’s just say that this wasn’t my case.

I had a serious problem with being first. It came subtly, as my attentions were being slowly drawn away from getting first and before I knew it, I got so far ahead that I found it hard to look back. I fell. Stumbled to the ground, not exactly sure how some object got in the way of my stride and tripped me, but the point was I was down. I was first, and though it hurt to fall, I for some reason or the other wanted to stay first, and so I ran. I ran and fell, and ran and fell, and ran and fell again. It’s not easy leading the way on your own, is it?

When I was second, however, it wasn’t that hard. I’d simply follow the path outlined for me, push on and the path was already determined. I was so focused on the one before me, that whatever distractions lay behind me were forsaken. I just wanted to get closer to Him. What I had forgotten, was that the person in first place is better than me. I am second best. I’m not good enough to take the lead. First place was only in view because first place let me see Him. God was in first place.

The moment I stopped to think about it, there He was, abreast with my pace. He wasn’t going to pass me unless I decided to let Him, which is weird, but in the end, I guess it isn’t quite that bad being second to the absolute best. As I run this race, let Jesus always be in front of me. I can’t win against Him anyway.