A twisted heart,

Tender and trampled

Pierced by briars of deceit

Resting within conceited brambles.


Resounding with resonating bells

Beating like a drum in time

to the downbeat this heart felt.

Trust, it’s a hard thing to come by.

When that heart is pierced,

It gushes out like water,

Flowing alongside blood,

Signifying the death of something real.


Just a word with a meaning so great

To demonstrate the difference between a commoner

And a King.

It means everything to most.

How does one bring life back to this downtrodden,

Trust broken

Dead holey heart?

Is there a way to fill it up again?

Sadly, no.

It can’t be patched up

Fixed by the mechanic

For a discounted fee because

You’re a regular customer;

It must be purchased anew:

Refreshed entirely and placed in a body

That is willing to forgive.

It takes time to manufacture,

And more often than not

The dealer strikes a bargain

If you would listen to Him.

When he tells you to open to the pain again,

Surrender your nerves that tense your hurting soul

When the knives and scalpels come

With no warning or sedative.

Clench your teeth, cause you may need some grit

To bear it when it comes,

Because the poisonous knot in your heart

Hurts when it comes out.

The irony is, once you open your tear streaked face

You notice something quite astounding.

A silhouette standing in front of you.

All you can see is warm eyes and bright glowing teeth.

You look upon yourself, covered in blood,

Realizing it’s not your own,

But that of the one in front of you,

Who took your hurt upon himself,

So that you won’t hurt anymore.

He transplanted his heart into your empty vessel

So that you can love again,

So that you can trust again,

Although, quite frankly,

You have no reason to.

The world gets brighter and it all makes sense;

He paid the price,

And you’ve been forgiven ever since.

And just like that,

You let go.

New in Christ

(photocredit to http://mdanisi.blogspot.com/2011/04/newness-of-life.html)

Copyright Garrick Beckles @ May 2014. 



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