They say sorrow lasts for a night

But joy comes in the morning,

And that’s quite hard to see

When you spend your dawn in mourning.

But let me shed some light

Upon those muscle weighed lips

That the corners may relax

And the edges uplift

All things work for good,

The great, the bad and the ugly

They make life more abundant

And not just get your nose runny.

Disappointments come, and our hearts get low

They sink into our chest with despair.

It’s a great thing to remember in these times,

That we have a God who cares!

Even though you don’t feel like smiling,

He want’s to smile with you.

To take you up in His arms,

And to lovingly carry you through.

So come, magnify the Lord with me,

And let’s exalt His name together.

When we get sad, it’s good to know

That we can both smile for each other.

It’s His presence that brings fullness of joy,

Given through measures of His grace,

I’d love to go there with you,

Just to have that smile on your face.

I love you, and want you to be ever happy,

Never  clouded with dismay,

So I hope you really listen

To these last words I say

I love you doesn’t always work,

And a hug may last awhile.

But I’ll drag you to His throne of grace,

Just to see you smile.



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