Now, just to make myself clear, I am in fact within a relationship with a wonderful woman whom I love very much. I am by no means single. However, being the university student that I am, I happen to have a lot of friends. We all are in the state of just beginning to figure things out with our lives, and so things such as relationships aren’t exactly a priority in our lives (well, at least for my friends). Needless to say, I have a bunch of single friends. Regardless of this whole figuring life out thing, we all deem relationships to be important; whether it be because of society, lonliness or whatever it is that actually goes through your mind. So, many times when I’m around my friends and we get into ‘serious smalls’ (where smalls refers to conversation where I’m from) it often is centred around relationships.

From the single perspective.


A few mornings ago, I was walking to work amidst some gloomy weather. I couldn’t take my usual route because flooding had already started taking place, which never is a start to a good day, especially when you’re commuting like yours truly. Meandering through the city streets, picking and choosing my way toward my beloved workplace, I happened to come across a very beautiful young woman, and I said good morning. Naturally. It was at this point as we walked past each other that traces of last night’s conversations when I was out began to course through my brain. Talks of preferences, and struggles… things I have gone through just about all my life but now have liberty from. And so I wondered… why was I even talking about this? Mind you, I love and appreciate all my friends, and hearing different perspectives about anything is never truly a disadvantage, but having people to talk about what you go through is even more of a plus that conversing about the things that you no longer go through. God forbid I somehow end up single again, these talks may come in handy but for now, they are mostly irrelevant. Rather than dismiss them and act like I’m above them somehow, choosing to distance myself from such talk, I recognized simply the importance of talking to those who are in relationships as well: those who can understand where you are coming from and perhaps have gone through the same thing. While no two relationships are the same, by ‘comparing notes’ it may just be that you are able to better understand your significant other and how to treat them right.

Jokingly enough, whenever we have these conversations, I always interject somewhere and say that I’m not allowed to partake in such conversation. Perhaps, at times, I really shouldn’t; but we see how everything goes.


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