I walked past the wall last night.

I walked past the white wall last night.

I walked past the white wall, stained round the edges with the excrement of city life,

adorned with cracks each with stories of their own, last night.

I walked past the white wall marked “G + S 4 life” three bricks down from its height

Because some coupled unnamed decided it would be symbolic of their commitment,

Right beside the graphically obscene art as if to say it will never work out last night.

I walked past the white wall that was overgrown with moss 

Because the house behind it had been abandoned two years ago 

Ever since some crime made it unbearable to live in

And lowered it’s price on the market last night.

I walked past the white wall that was hardly white at all

Now that I look at it but instead

Was more the grey of dirty concrete because paint came off

And exposed it for all to see last night.

Yes. I walked past that very wall last night. 


Heaven’s grocery store

Last night was spent out with my girlfriend. It was her birthday, and there was a last minute sort of surprise lime ( colloquial for an informal social gathering where I come from) and so at 10pm I began my trek home. After all rides were taken and I began to walk home. Just as I sauntered across my church, this fellow just ahead of me comes into view, and calls me to attention. He was a scruffy fellow, advanced in years with dreadlocks wrapped up in cloth and toting several squares of paper in his hand. One of his pupils were abnormally large, which I only noticed after he pointed it out.  Immediately I knew that I was about to be asked for money, and was poised to pull out the 5 dollar bill in my pocket to shoo him off, but I decided to leave my gun in its holster and hear him out. 

It turns out that our guy happened to be in a bit of a jam, according to his story. He was misinformed of the times that the bus ran and was stranded with bus tickets and no cash. He came from quite a distance to visit someone who, for some reason or the other, was not there to greet him when he arrived. I felt compassion for him, and instead of giving him my little 5 in my pocket, I decided to give him twenty dollars. 

Five minutes after complaining that I spend too much. 

It was at this point that he asked me if I was a Christian, to which I said yes. He said I have the look; it could be that I was dressed in shirt and tie, but needless to say he did guess right. He told me that he writes poetry – rap rather – and decided that at around 11pm in the night while he still wasn’t too sure how he was getting home, to share a piece with me. To my surprise, his piece was very interesting. It spoke about Heaven’s grocery store; when finding one’s self on life’s highway and seeing it into view, and suddenly finding themselves inside.

It referred to this store as the Bible; the source for all the knowledge we need to get through life, and being lost inside of it. While inside, we become aware of our debt, and that all this good we see we can’t pay for, but that God (the Owner of the store) says that He’s paid it all, so feel free to take everything. I thanked the man for his words, invited him to church (seeing as how it was right behind me and all) and went on my merry way, mulling over his rap on my way home. 

His name was Jim.



(Photocredit to

(He wasn’t homeless or anything, but he did looked sorta like this)

My experience with Jim, in addition to the events of the night itself opened my eyes to quite a few things. How often do I visit Heaven’s grocery store? And when I do, how much do I pick up and take with me on the way out? In the times we live in you need all you can get your hands on to survive, and without that desire to grab from all it’s shelves, you’re going to have a hard time getting through life’s battles. I certainly need to get me a few things next time I head on down 😉

Another was how self absorbed and selfish I could be. I have quite a bit of work to do before I could start being like Jesus’s twin. Even sometimes when doing things for others I am looking trough a rather internal lens. It’s more I ‘have’ to help them than I want to, and I’m missing that compassion that Jesus had for others. Today I tried an exercise where I must consider other people above myself for the entire day, and my results were surprising!

I found a joy in serving; something that, to be honest, I didn’t really find unless there was some form of reward to appease my efforts. Sure, I’m exhausted right now and would much rather to be preparing to sleep, but hey, I’m considering all the people that could read this blog and not act like I have been 😉 When my eyes were starting to look outward instead of inward, my entire perspective on things have begun to change. 

Why not try my challenge? Be considerate to everyone you can for this week. I will do it too! I’m sure you’ll feel better than you think you will, or at least you’ll make a couple of folks happy 😉 there really isn’t anything to lose. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice when He died for our faults and shortcomings, so that we could be with Him in heaven, instead of going to hell which according to His law we would have had to go to. I hope you do make the choice too! I sincerely hope that it makes and impact on your life.

If it does, let me know! I’m anxious to hear about it. I love you guys, and until next time… God bless you! Special thanks to my girlfriend, who I know reads this. You’re making me better day by day 🙂 I love you too!

Have a great day peeps!

Just like that

I read this just now and it was really awesome. you should too!

The matters of the heart

A twisted heart,

Tender and trampled

Pierced by briars of deceit

Resting within conceited brambles.


Resounding with resonating bells

Beating like a drum in time

to the downbeat this heart felt.

Trust, it’s a hard thing to come by.

When that heart is pierced,

It gushes out like water,

Flowing alongside blood,

Signifying the death of something real.


Just a word with a meaning so great

To demonstrate the difference between a commoner

And a King.

It means everything to most.

How does one bring life back to this downtrodden,

Trust broken

Dead holey heart?

Is there a way to fill it up again?

Sadly, no.

It can’t be patched up

Fixed by the mechanic

For a discounted fee because

You’re a regular customer;

It must be purchased anew:

Refreshed entirely and placed in a body

That is willing to forgive.

It takes time to manufacture,

And more…

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Pit Stop (Please Stop)

imagesWhat AM I going through?

Too caught up on the racetracks of life

To take pit stops

Within the confines of my mind.

Ever going


Yet drained

Inspired to act but not think

Extroverting the principles that once governed me.

Slow down,


Take the time to see inconsistencies

That lapse between the gaps

Of unending thought..

Whisper a prayer in the quiet,

Talk to the Maker.

Receive instructions for maintenance,

And jump back in the fray.


First Impressions

As mentioned before, I have a new blog, and it’s introduction is a tidbit on how my first ever relationship happened. I know the plan is to leave the super mushy stuff over there etc, but I still wanted to at least share this with you all 🙂 So behold! part one of a two part series (both of which are already written so don’t worry about commercials 😉 ) of how we got together 🙂

Fresh Bread!!!!

Now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE fresh bread. When my mom bakes, the aroma of those luscious loaves fills the kitchen, draping it in a warm blanket of floury bliss. Especially if you take it while it’s still warm from the oven, it’s so good you could eat it just like that. The bread melts in your mouth, hugs your tongue and slides down your throat, leaving you content with life within those precious seconds. Again, I don’t know about you, but after that period of “freshness”, the bread doesn’t quite appeal to me after. At that point, it’s just bread. I eat bread all the time, so it’s nothing special.

So I read Matthew 6 of my favourite book in the world the other day 🙂 and this certain line stood out to me, from verse 11:

“Give us today our daily bread.”

slicing-breadI could’ve been hungry, but I started to think about bread. For many, it’s one of the main staples in their lunches and breakfasts, and so it’s a quite substantial to their sustenance during the day. So it was quite interesting to see Jesus to call today our daily bread. For me, bread isn’t always nice. Some pasta, or even some rice, would be fun to mix in with my bread for some variety. Bread sometimes just isn’t what I want. Bread is lame sometimes. More often than not at that. Other than fresh bread, I’m not quite the fan of it at all.

This weekend just gone, I was given a prime example of how I feel about bread. We were volunteers to work at a  friend’s sister’s wedding reception. It was to take place within a school hall, and since school is still going on presently, they had no choice but to wait till Friday night, the night before the wedding, to begin preparations. We were instructed to come promptly for 6:30pm, with instructions that we will “start early and finish early”. Needless to say, if you know anything about Trinidadians, we are famous for not arriving on time. Case in point: I arrived at 7:20. They arrived close to 9pm. That’s not so bad, right? Well it just so happened that I arrived home at 3:45am. I had no intention of doing so, and my mom was livid. Her eyes sulked behind her darkened sockets due to lack of sleep and for the entire weekend, she reminded me of how late I was. It wasn’t helpful either that on Saturdays my brother and I go to the grocery.

I woke up at 8am.

Through all the hustle and bustle, I had to leave the reception around 7pm to travel to a family gathering (to give you an estimate of how far it was, I arrived after 9 when there was virtually no traffic on the road) and finally crept into my bed in the hours of Sunday morning. To get ready for church, of course, for that’s what we do on Sunday mornings. I thoroughly disliked my lack of sleep, and while enjoyed several aspects of my arduous weekend, recognized disdainfully the effects that it will have on my going to work in the week to come, for instance, me almost forgetting my wallet in the bus today because I fell asleep and woke up to find I had reached my stop. Yet, through all of this, I grew and learnt many things that will help me in the future.



(The gang of workers for the wedding)

I was nourished by my labours, and taught vital lessons in my turmoil. Every day has something within it that you can glean from, whether you recognize it then or later. Treat no day the same! It’s nice to even take some time in retrospect and discover all the things that can make tomorrow better than the day before. Best of all, when you realize that God is training you in the present for the future,  you begin to think with a more spiritually oriented frame of mind and become better prepared for business pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Isn’t that great!

I do hope you take the time to digest your daily bread, and appreciate it’s flavour; whatever that may be on that given day. Whether it’s a sour Monday, a bitter Tuesday or a fantastic Friday, these loaves will sustain you and keep you throughout your life if you let them. One day at a time, sweet Jesus! That’s the way to go 🙂

On a side note, I’m happy to inform you all that I’ve started a new blog where I have begun to talk about my experiences as it pertains to being in a Christian relationship. I hope you take a visit, and toss a couple of follows my way 😉 I love you guys, and I’m sorry for the inconsistencies that you all have to put up with, but we’ll see how things go. Have a blessed day 🙂