I read this just now and it was really awesome. you should too!

The matters of the heart

A twisted heart,

Tender and trampled

Pierced by briars of deceit

Resting within conceited brambles.


Resounding with resonating bells

Beating like a drum in time

to the downbeat this heart felt.

Trust, it’s a hard thing to come by.

When that heart is pierced,

It gushes out like water,

Flowing alongside blood,

Signifying the death of something real.


Just a word with a meaning so great

To demonstrate the difference between a commoner

And a King.

It means everything to most.

How does one bring life back to this downtrodden,

Trust broken

Dead holey heart?

Is there a way to fill it up again?

Sadly, no.

It can’t be patched up

Fixed by the mechanic

For a discounted fee because

You’re a regular customer;

It must be purchased anew:

Refreshed entirely and placed in a body

That is willing to forgive.

It takes time to manufacture,

And more…

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