Recently I was introduced to a certain game by a co-worker entitled pee pee boy, which I refuse to give a link to for reasons which you will find out soon enough. It’s a simple game really; help the boy pee in the toilet without… letting the toilet seat slam his pee pee… I honestly wonder what they will think of next (I see you willy wonka  😉 )


I recall when I was younger, many a family movie would involve the villain getting his precious gems attacked by some random object, protagonist or even an animal, leaving him powerless and the heroes of the day able to save their worlds from peril. Perhaps it was funny back then. I really can’t remember whether I laughed or not, but one thing is for sure.

I cringed.

I grimaced every time I’d see such glorified friction occur; perceived as humorous by some, painful19623656-a-close-up-view-of-a-nutcracker-crushing-a-nut by others (especially if you were on the receiving end of one of those badboys) and you know what, it’s not funny to me anymore. The ‘nutcrackers’ who get a laugh of this to me are nut jobs; either they enjoy seeing such tragic pain occur or they never experienced it before. I know I have, and I can guarantee… it’s not fun. At all.

Some of you ladies might be saying to man up and grow a pair, but let me say this: we have one, and it hurts like hell when it gets hit. And you’re right about one thing; it’s not as painful as childbirth and we will never truly know how that feels. That is precisely why you should understand how painful a shot to the gonads could be for a guy! It’s one of the most painful things we could ever experience. It hurts for crying out loud!

I like my nuts. I don’t care what you say to that. I do my best to keep them safe from harm. They’re like my babies (if you think about it, they actually are) and so when I see someone else’s children get hurt, I understand their pain. You can say I’m an activist for the unborn. I’ve heard many a person exclaim that if a man does some great wrong, that they should just chop it off (yes, I just cringed at the very thought). No matter what the case is I am that guy who says  no. Leave his children alone. They didn’t decide what happens, he did! It’s not their fault. If I had to choose between that and death, you’d best believe I’m on my way to the afterlife. No kidding.

When people talk about these excrutiating acts of pain, I get uncomfortable in my chair. I don’t contribute. I simply sit in horror and unconsciously seek to protect my little boys. It’s a serious affair. If you never felt like that before, then whatever, I don’t care. You ain’t getting me to spout that garbage… no way!

When I think of my compassion for the safety of the future generations on the male side of things, in some strange, weird way, I think of the love of Jesus. Yes. I know… it is weird. He didn’t just speak out against the harm of the people He loved; He died so that they won’t have to spend an eternity of suffering. And it was their fault. He rose again, conquering death, and now sits at the right hand of God in heaven, constantly pleading our case. Jeremiah 1 : 5 shows that he knew us before we were even born, and thought about us, and how we would shape the world we live in. Of course, we may not be a prophet or anything, but simply His child.

And from what I know as an advocate against all nutcrackers, a parent does anything to protect their kids.

God bless 😀 Hope you have a great day! Love you guys ^_^


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