Strangers come and strangers see

nothing strange, a stranger, me

No matter how strange I seem

to them, a stranger I’ll always be

Change is something they’ll never know

For strange is the only way to go

The songs of my heart they never seek

for strange is even the tunes on my mp3

Danger comes when I then peek

Round their corners for stranger things

They never understand and never can

for never shared are the mysteries of man

How can they know the inner being

and perceive the hurt with stranger think

linger, whisper query or murmur

it will never flow like a clogged up sink

But in the brink of stranger hurt and stranger pains

this stranger meets a manger king

with eyes like blades that cut me open

look, and peer inside

I step aside

aghast at the stranger me

No longer strange but in true identity

cruel, wicked, desperately evil

clothed in flithy rags, a righteous devil

Stranger me said stranger things

that he’d never make it.

or she’s not good enough

he’s too young to work

and she’s to far gone to love

that his best isn’t worth his effort

because it’s just not working

a work thing that stings because it’s not about

what’s working

but it’s about THE King

the manger king cradling

my sins and rock a bye killed them

fallen off a tree

for sweet salvation

lest any man should boast…

A strange thing that stranger means

you will never get me.

the danger lies in stranger things

that you’d believe the lies

so cut the stranger ties

that noose adorning your suit

as you go on working as the law

yer trying to uplift

is the yoke of bondage

keeping you from knowing the manger


seek Him now you’ll know Him as Saviour

but a judge if you seek Him later

Flames await unless you say…

I want to know you Jesus.


It’s different

It’s been forever I know.. I missed you too! Truth be told I’m super busy and ignored the inner writer within… Buuut today I wrote something and thought I’d share 🙂 So hope you enjoy 😉


It’s different.

I trusted her with my whole heart,

Yet here we are;

Separate; Happy (maybe?)

Operating in unity but not in the future I’ve seen

for you see.

It’s different.

Not an error in judgement

But a displacement of my desires convergent 

Toward what His design intended.

Yes, that I’d go through it,

Accepting of the grievance in spirit

For when that which is true is to come.

We’ll both be transcendent to futures

In line with blessings He mentioned

The very day He breathed life into us. 

It’s different.

But I’ll trade it for nothing.

For He’s given me the blessed assurance

That Jesus is mine

And no matter what He gives or takes away 

His name be praised.

So my heart will stay; I am okay

Taking my bread no matter how it tastes and rejoicing

Because He made this day. 



(Hopefully she didn’t mind the ninja snap hehehe)