You shine.

the dark corners of your heart

illuminate to reveal insecurities

inconsistencies that speak simply

to say that you’re scared.

Your glimmer lies incident

on planes beyond your comprehension

beyond all the reasons

that made you softly spoken.

Relax. breathe,

Let the rhythms of My voice be drained in

Into your nostrils and through your lungs within.

exhale, let go

to the strings that hold back chords

the ones that chant your lack of worth

In tune with the tunes of deceit.

They are not of Me.

They are not part of your brilliance,

For when I formed and shaped you

I knew that chains may hold you down.

but the shackles round your ankles

were but for a season

They were not made to coalesce

with the brightness of your identity

for they are rather dull.

They don’t shine like you do

They are not as bright as the Son Who lives in you

I’ve declared you free

to taste and see,

that you shine, for nothing but My Glory

Don’t be afraid my child…

for you are free indeed.

there is nothing to hold you back any more;

feel free to shine for me.


(photocredit to


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