Miles away from comfy shoresdiamond-wreck-615

Ship set sail long ago

Assailed by storms and quaking thunder

anchor lost asunder…

I will be all right.

Seeing friends turn castaways

lost in seas of yesterdays

and yester seasons, where they had the freedom

to journey with me,

I loved the time I spent with them,

and miss them dearly,

but alone I stand, stranded at sea…

I will be all right.

Tempestuous winds brew thoughts

that drive fear within,

fear of sinking in overwhelming currents

that beg to take me in.

It’s easy to follow them

sail stretched wide in this rain

knowing well that my mast should be closed,

But I guess I’m quite hopeful…

I will be all right.

Why? How?

I honestly don’t know.

I am not in control

But I do know, that in the midst of it all

My rescue will come.

My hope, from where comes my help,

I cry Abba Father

And before I know it, in His still, small voice,

He says peace be still…

I will be all right.

(artwork by Jon Foster)


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