So it looks like today is Halloween. Just about every game app I own has some event or the other, which ain’t too shabby cause of all the giveaways and what not. And the scary movies (if that be your thing). We all can’t forget the costume parties and the trick or treating activities that go on come night time also. It is a time where people don many an identity and go out with their friends, pretending to be someone that they are not. What’s the big deal? Many people do that all the time, and don’t even have to wear a costume to pull it off.

But that’s enough raging about the world.


If anyone has experience wearing a mask, it’d be me. While it would have been some kind of awesome (and perhaps quite demanding) to have been a superhero, that unfortunately is not me. Growing up, I labelled myself as the lonely kid. I’m pretty sure people didn’t know, but yea, that was me. I didn’t get out much, because my parents weren’t ones to let me do it that often, and I didn’t have that much friends. Those I did have I didn’t get to form much of a deep bond with them because I lacked the ability to spend quality time with them. I longed for companionship, whether that be within the confines of a relationship or just being good friends with someone. It ate at my soul for years, and often this loneliness dragged me to dark places that I enjoyed yet hated, if you know what I mean.

In the midst of all this, I clearly remember God labelling me as His beloved son. It was His way of telling me that He loves me and always will, even if no one else chooses to. You could say it was the thread I held on to that helped me get through school back then. After years of praying and crying out to Him, I was finally blessed with people in my life that I can truly call friends and even family, for which I am ever grateful 🙂 yet many a time this label that I gave myself persisted above God’s. Old ways of thinking return, and with it, tethers to these self same dark places arise, and I’m not always strong enough to resist it.

In as much as this past haunts me, I’ve learnt to take the mask off. I’ve learnt that the identity that God has given to me is who I am meant to be, and that in it, I am truly happy. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that in Christ, all the old in me is gone. Through accepting Him, I accepted what He thinks of me, and now the darkness that once bound me is no longer free to do as it pleases any more. With His light in me, I am satisfied, full of joy and ready to share of what He’s done in me to others!

Do you wear a mask? Do you believe that there is nothing about you is good? That isn’t what God thinks of you. Everything He made He declared to be good, which includes you! You are the pride of His life, regardless of whatever you have done in your life. Are you tired and weary of wearing this mask? All you need to do to take it off is to come to Jesus and He will free you of your chains if you are willing to accept His help and believe in Him. I hope you do make that choice today! If you really want to and are not sure how, feel free to let me know. It’s really simple. Just ask and believe. Confess your faults to Him and your desire to serve Him, and accept His identity for you. You will NOT be disappointed.

Well I hope you enjoyed 🙂 I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I hope that I could put up something a little more often for you guys. I love ya’ll!!!



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