I refused to ignite coals
Afraid to let flames consume me
Afraid to be burnt.
Barely grasping the radiance of you,
I knew it be inevitable if I did.

So I locked down the hearth of my heart
Chained with gleeful ignorance,
Thinking that time and work experience
should douse these stifled embers
But then I remembered
Just as I beheld you
Like dams bursting through

Rushes of blood making cheeks rosy
Exposing the phoney
That giggled within my facade
You playfully disarmed me
Made shackles to rubble
With a chuckle toying with these emotional chains
Skipping rope with innocent games
For your heart is truly tender.

Devices broken down, left to sift through
pieces of ambition, simply to find you
Sitting there, hands folded in lap
With a smile on your face.
And so I share a grin in return
Awkwardly spanning my lips
such as to not reveal the grit
of teeth gnashing at the feelings I hide
Because I can’t let them slip away…

At least not today.

Nevertheless, I peer into the mirrors of your soul
Staring back into mine
Warmly gazing for reasons unknown
Heart’s hearth kindled
Cooking up the feelings swindled from
My innermost turning to pot roast instantly
Instantaneously firing off signals to my brain
To consider you fully.

Not just to consider me.

To consider the way you easily
Tease smiles from my circumstances
Sing to the thumps of a heartbeat
In perfect harmony
Without the dissonance of distance
To dictate the pace at which my heart should race
The way you jauntily play the cards
Matching suit with mine
The two-pair to compare
That edges me over slightly  every time

Even when I trump with my joker.

I refused to cast my net
Afraid to draw fish like knives
Jabbing the instability that was me
But now I see
That I am ready
To pull the daggers myself to scar if need be
For such is the insanity of love.

And to that end.
I will wait. Storms may rise,
And clouds may always be grey,
Yet I shall stay.
Because beholding you with these eyes
Has made me to understand
How much you are worth.
So I will wait for you,
With these coals live within my heart,
And should you find worth in me,
We’d both wait, till death do us part.



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