It’s just before 8am. I’m alive. I’m breathing. I have a big  God who loves me, and will help me through the day. Today, there is no cannot. Today, there is no struggle that is too great, because Jehovah is greater. He has all the answers, and will make a way for me even when there seems to be none.

Today, I am happy. I simply choose to be so. There are many wonderful IMG_20141107_073917people around me that I take for granted at times, but today, I am thankful for them. For those who hold my hand along life’s journey when it gets too rough for me, and for those who make life a little more enjoyable. For she who makes my heart tinge with youthful and blissful anxiety, and for He Who makes my heart to beat every hour of every day. Today, I have problems. I have challenges; but today; I challenge my challenges. I am up to the task. I will overcome today.

Today, I WILL make a difference.


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