Shackles released on a heart bound by self,
It has been left open to you.
Holding true to that one law of non-science
That if you place two hearts together, they will bond.
Locks of love spin round n round
Like a sewing wheel; a sepia of nostalgia
Plucking on the ties formed whenever I think of you
Which seems more to me like strumming
For the vibrations I’ve had have never felt so melodious before

I don’t have to be anyone else
I don’t have to wear the pelt of some dead carcass
That harbours live feelings and bated breathing
Hoping that you’d fall for this road kill…
Simply being who I am helps me appreciate who you are,
And love every second we spend together.
The laces you knitted round my heart
Tied my shoes together and alas, I fell in love with you
And now I’m skipping, giddy and clumsily like a slinky down the stairs
Embracing the experience that is you.

I love to make you laugh,
To hear your squeaky noises you playfully make
To taste of every note that parts from your lips,
Each recorded in the scrapbook of my memories.
To see your passion for God Almighty,
Holding on despite the world of hurt you went through;
A world I may never come to truly understand
To know that you love Him is lovely
And it nested in who you are
If I tried to state everything I admire,
I’d probably be at a loss on where to start.

So let me finish by saying
You are not meant to be held
Within the cage of my affection.
If anything, it would be within my arms,
Where you’re free to leave or remain.
You are free to fly to the heights that you seek,
Regardless of the fact that you stretch beyond my skies.
One day, I hope, however,
Is that you’d be the tune for this refrain
The melody of this three worded clichéd lyric.
That at the end of this intertwined journey…

You’d be there to help me sing it.



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