A story that the world should hear :’)


On January 10th, 1996 something amazing happened. I was born. I Brittney Harris, took my first breath of the world outside of the womb. I was a healthy baby girl. It was a joyous moment, that is what people would describe it as. However my story is quite different from a lot of people. Some of you may be able to relate and some maybe won’t. Some may screw up their “pan” at my story and some may sympathize with me. Quite frankly, I don’t care about your reaction, I just want to paint a perspective from a point of view of a child that merely has a voice in a situation. A child that was born out of wedlock, a child that was born through adultery or in Trinidadian slang, the outside child.

From the outside child perspective:

Why do we suffer for our parents’ mistakes? Just…

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