It’s really amazing what technology allows us to do these days… I’m supposed to entertain some guests at home in a couple hours, while I’m stuck here at the bank.

Not a pretty sight now is it?

To make matters worse, I neglected to bring my headphones along for the wait, so I’m left to tune out the murmurs of eager and understandably disgruntled customers.

What a great way to spend the new year!

Sarcasm aside, new years tend to have a sort of placebo-like magic that gets the better of most, if not all of us. Talks of new beginnings and wiping the slate clean surface as if the clock turning twelve this time around has that kinda power; we humans are a funny people, aren’t we? Regardless of reality, I, like everyone else, will continue to look forward to the Spring of newness that warms our hearts after cold Winters.

Carrying burdens can be really tiresome. For obvious reasons. Even for the strongest soul, burdens can drown us like a cement block around the ankle if left unchecked. Many of us decide that we’ll bury these burdens in the old year, and just like that, upon that mythical January first, we are feather light and ready to face the world again.

But can this really last?

That emotionally charged season tends to make us feel so empowered that we make brash decisions about what we may plan to do in the future. Whether it be losing weight, gaining weight, finding our dream job or car, in the back of our minds we believe most of these ideals to be either very difficult or virtually impossible. But not this time, we say. I will definitely achieve my goals this time around. Does this sound like you?

I say this because I too have done this before. Quite recently in fact. For a while I have been carrying a burden along for the ride because of a past hurt, and it was affecting me in other areas of my life. It made me do things that I regretted, and have feelings that I knew were unmerited and in certain cases, undesirable.

That’s when on old years night I told myself that I’ll embrace these feelings, all of them, one last time…. But on the strike of twelve, I’m letting go, never to look back. Surprisingly enough, it worked to some extent, but of course, not entirely. I continued to operate in some capacities as if midnight never happened.

Am I saying to just let go of all ambitions that come to fruition upon the herald of a new year? Not really. I’m simply blissfully recalling the ignorance that warrants me to think that a new years day could do anything outside of the normal. It’s awesome to sit back and reflect upon the happenings of the year gone by and make decisions going forward, but not quite awesome if these decisions are unrealistic and going to lead to disappointment down the road. That just sucks, honestly.

Some believe this realization that life is still the same to be inevitable, but no matter how you turn the page, life goes on. No matter which day in the year it is, there is always hope. So while my burdens haven’t lifted with the magic of January first, I will continue to strive. I have learnt ever so much that I really can’t do this on my own, if any of you feel like that as well, know that we can always put our hope in Jesus Christ to carry us through.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:14

So long as we draw breath, we will face challenges. Not all of them we will be able to conquer, and in fact, we may very well be defeated at times. I know I’ve been; sometimes I wonder how weak can I really get, after failing so many times. But this Christ that we serve has never really sought to judge or condemn us for the times we mess up, but rather to redeem us. The religious folk among us tend to point out our faults and say we are going to hell if we don’t change, but Jesus himself has said that he was not sent here to condemn us, but to save us through Him. Our strength is, and will continue to be, feeble. If we would focus for once on Him, instead of us, or the rules that we think bind us, our world would be a much different place.

If you want to make at least one resolution this year, make it to focus on Jesus Christ. Does this mean to go to church more, read your Bible more or pray a little longer before you go to sleep? Not really. We’ve proved well enough that doing more has never really worked for us. At least I know that’s true for me. Seek Jesus. Get to know Jesus Christ for who He is; not what He’s proclaimed to be. How do you get to know someone better? Just do the same for Him. Have a desire not just to do the things He said to do, but to think like He thought. To have compassion for others as He did. Make His life your motivation, and His will the thing you thirst for.

Trust me, it’s easier said than done. But with His help, we can do all things.

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

Have a great year everyone 😀

Happy New Year! – Zecks

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