So this week I actually managed to do the song on Sunday (sorta?) At least according to my standards, it’s still Sunday until I go to sleep and wake up tomorrow, or at least until sunrise. No? Well you’re free to think how you want to 😉

I actually chose this song for a reason this time! Within this week gone by we had some people from the University of Delaware come on our campus through our Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship group, to partner with us to do some evangelism. Over the week we bonded so much, and while last week they were strangers, now they are family. They will be boarding a plane back to their home country in a couple of hours, and so we spent tonight hanging out with them for one last time.

It’s a bitter-sweet experience for me; for last year a group came as well from the same campus and I wasn’t very involved with them during their stay, so I ensured that this time around, I got to know them. And I’m extremely glad I did. We connected like if we knew each other all along, and we can attribute that to nothing less than the love of Christ that dwells within all of us.

On their journey back, I really do wish them well. I hope that they find who they are in Christ, and that they really do make an impact on their campus where they study. I hope that they live wonderful, happy lives fill with God’s grace and anointing in their life. I pray that we continue to talk one to another as much as we can, and that by some crazy freaky way, we can meet again someday.

I’ll have to go into more detail about the experiences we share, but perhaps later on this week. I do have a university life to see about after all hehe 😉

Hope you enjoy this one!


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