She walks on oceans.

Sand is just too mainstream it seems

Or maybe the sands of time were not kind to her.

It exfoliated layers of stone

That no longer postponed

The dam that cursed for want;

and burst into streams

of salient dreams

To deep pools of lost devotion.

She walks on oceans.

Had not her heart been captured

the blood spatter would have surely ruined her

But she was met within the loving arms

Of a Saviour

To whom she said “I’ll be holding on to You”

But her Saviour knew that that wouldn’t do

For the oceans she trod upon would drown her.

He placed her feet upon the Rock

In the midst of her ocean a stark

Reminder of how fragile she was

and how sturdy was He.

She still saw the turbulent waves

But gave praise because she knew that for now,

She was all right.

Her Saviour was not done with her, however.

He gathered the oceans together

added some colour

And flooded the palette of her broken heart.

He whispered in clues

of contrasting hues,

“Don’t forget how amazing you are.”

For she was beautiful, with kind spirit and grace

that glistened when smiles creased her face

And eyes that were dappled with a wonder

Of how great and Mighty be her Creator.

It was now clear that what her Saviour brought together

Was perfectly suited to adorn her.

A dress of wisdom, holiness, peace and love

But most of all,

The mark of true beauty,

For with this gown did He pronounce his love for her.


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