Hi. I’ve been sick all week, and on checking the time, I realize that it’s Valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s day, by the way. Anyway, that’s exactly why I named this the love-sick post. Wasn’t what you were expecting? Well too bad :p

As I clear the mucus from my throat for the umpteenth time, I thank God for the small mercies… and the big ones too. I met a group of spectacular people from Delaware as I mentioned not too long ago, and they changed my life. They reminded me first of all that my world is not only as big as Trinidad, which, in case you didn’t know, is really small. They encouraged me to dream big; to recognize that God doesn’t have limits like we do, so we should stop acting like He does. They taught me that prayer covers miles without even breaking a sweat, and gave me a glimpse of what the bride of Christ must really look like: people of all backgrounds, nationalities and other diversities supporting and encouraging each other as we all go forward making Him smile 🙂

They unlocked a part of me that I didn’t know I had. For that, I am truly thankful. It’s been a time of non-stop going, running, walking cause I got tired running, planning, dancing singing studying evangelising hanging out mind-getting-blown-from-all-this-awesome-to-process bliss, but having gotten sick (most likely because my body was so tired from doing all the above) I have finally come to a place of rest. Ironically, I can’t sleep.

The time has come to look ahead. That which has gone is gone, and there’s an entire life ahead of me. My tenure as the President of our IVCF chapter is almost over, and there are successors to be chosen. My tenure as a University student is almost over (well at least in terms of the degree I’m currently pursuing) and my plans after are about as in the dark as the night outside right now. A job, a place to call my own… a spouse… all these things hang up in the air right about now. Of course, I toss these thoughts aside and ponder what God is saying the next step for me is. I understand that God is preparing me for something new, and so all I’m aiming for now is to place myself in a position to hear from Him and from His Word.

As I do look ahead, I recognize that the road ahead is dimly lit. I recognize that on this walk, I’m not alone. I take the time to appreciate everyone who’s been with me on this journey thus far, and look forward to those who will take the first step and more with me in the future. There is no fear; only a calm peace, like the crisp air that tickles your nose as you stuff your hands in your pockets and shuffle down the empty street, teasingly caressed by the halogen fingertips of the street lights above.



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