Hey Guys! I know I forgot to put up a song for the week last Sunday, and also that it may seem that for the most part these have been all I’ve been able to put up, so I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll be able to up the content variety and make you all happy 😀 Cause I like it when you’re happy!

So as usual, why this song? Well my friend and I were swapping music when she introduced me to this interesting lot of music folk. She’s a special kind of awesome herself, not that that has anything to do with this but yea this was the first song from them I heard. And I loved it. Their unique style and the deep meanings behind their music are very appealing qualities that I often tend to favour. This particular song speaks volumes about many an internal struggle I’ve had growing up, and so I really do quite enjoy it. there’s another song form them that REALLY speaks about something I went through personally, but perhaps I’ll save that for another week, yea?

Hope you enjoy this one!


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