I know you’re sitting there wondering
Smothering in mutterings of questions
For every day mysteries surround you
And you daily ask for strength to make it through.
I know.
I don’t know what it takes to get to
That place where I’ll get you,
In that I’ll understand the intricacies through which you were made
For you were Michelangelo’d to a angel bearing haloes
That circle around my mind.
Who are you? Why is it that my heart smiles
Every time I think about the isles
To which my love is deserted.
That on some distant shore my love is anchored
Tethered there by the will of the Saviour
That some day, in some way He’d come to our rescue.
I don’t know.
Till I figure out the latitude and longitude of these feels
The only real altitude to which this heart will steer
Is to the heavens with my Lord above.
But there’s one thing that I will promise you.
When I do, I will pursue you.
Now I think I need to make myself clear,
To straighten out the atmosphere
That once knowledge of you hits these two hemispheres
They will jolt my body into action.
Straight to my knees to thank the Father above
For even after this altar of love is established.
Our praise will forever blaze incense to Him.
Know that I will respect you as the daughter of a King,
The princess to my fairy tale
Wagging away the fantasies because we both see
Now face to face.
No longer in mirrors or dreams of
Dungeons and Dragons
For no longer must we imagine,
But only believe.
Together we shall perceive that which He conceived
From before this earth even received us.
A trust that in Him, we can do all things.
Through Him, we live and move and have our being
Which is no longer two, for I’ve found that good thing
To which makes these two become perfectly in sync.
And like N’sync this I’ll promise you
That I’ll take you into my arms
And hold you right where you belong.
So be strong until that day comes along
And know that my prayers surround you
As a scent to the rose you are.
That as you wait and thorns grow round
That you listen to the sound
Of the voice of God.
For though I’ve yet to trumpet
The fanfare of our love affair
Know that He speaks no ballad
But that your peace be like untroubled liquid
Flowing from your mouth to refresh
Those around you who, like you,
Have yet to be picked.
While my GPS directs
Me to where you rest,
Be still and know He is God,
Be still, and be blessed.


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