A great read! I hope you all have the time to check it out for yourselves too 😉

Come Awake

If you have some time now, read these two posts first – “Nehemiah, The Cupbearer Who Prays” & “Nehemiah, The Cupbearer Who Goes.” If not, that’s okay, read on. 🙂

Nehemiah’s journey is one of prayer, then action. Prayer, then action. Not action, then prayer, but prayer, then action. The meaning of our action comes from the very prayers we prayed before, throughout, and after that action. Actions are meaningless without conversations with our Father. Actions are meaningless without coming before our Holy Lord in humility, in desperation for His direction, for His ‘go ahead.’ Nehemiah only acted after he prayed. And he didn’t just leave it at prayers; he was confident in acting because of the prayers. Prayer doesn’t leave us in unrest. Prayer changes us. Prayer gives us confidence. Prayer makes us brave. Brave enough to build. And that’s exactly what Nehemiah did – he…

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