How I loved to huddle next to you
In dark rooms with bright screens
Enticing me with scenes my dreams
have yet to conjure
My aorta sliced with this knife like vice
And I bleed with the need
for my life to feed upon your ravishing beauty.
ravishing me so effortlessly
Devouring me with your devilish charm.
Eyes locked in, ready to pull the trigger
Cross hairs on your figure
Go figure I’m quicker than a sniper
as I take this shot I’m killer for
Your whisper got me throwing
rivers of my love away.
made me feel strong,
Powerful like a master
With my craft
Like any man with half a
Mind to listen to you.
Through and through
You showed me to
Open these eyes to
Feast on your thighs
And find pleasure in loving you.
I remember the days when you’d come around
Eyes peering round,
Searching for that caged mind of mine
Hoping that your love divine was just around the corner
You never faltered
Faithful as the sunrise, drawing me in like the tides…
You made sure I was satisfied.
It didn’t matter if it hurt, cause it felt so good
Even though I knew I should look away
It was okay right?
What’s a conscience to block this sight?
I’m happy, I’m free!
I’ll do everything and anything to please ME!
I remember when we took our relationship one step further
From the fervor of a night time surfer
You transformed me into a daytime pervert
Stretching my imagination to where the destination
Of your friends is within the breadth
Of my arms reach
A breach in their clothes as I peep
Through my minds eye.
Luring them to the sheets
All in the fleece of my sheepish acceptance
Of  promiscuous schemes for you and I.
But if I had to say the one thing I loved most
I’d make my boast of how you lied to me.
You made me believe that I was named man
That all of creation was in my hands
Within your plans,
I was the axis.
The nexus of beginning and end
That joy was my friend,
And it moved the world but in the end
I noticed.
You never loved me either.
My time was your fix
My soul and mind your hit
My brain kept loose yet hung in the noose
Of your parted lips and perfumed breath
I hung there like death
Behind your grin, savage
As it feasted on my baggage
Barbaric, toxic and selfish.
Making me just like you:
I was barren, heavy laden with my burdens
Mistaken into thinking that you could’ve made me.
You never loved me
If I had a dollar for every time you made me happy
I’d live in happy vagrancy
A lovely bankruptcy
Because your identity
Is simply my enemy.
You locked me in to your fabulous worldwide web
Filling me with spreads of  visual banquets
On lusts that I feasted
To destroy me.
To decoy me out of what God deemed manly:
His very image and likeness.
Which has no like for this
But true love and bliss
In respect for what He named Eve
Holy, sanctified and cloaked in Mercy
You see
He didn’t just love me,
He is love.
You were my love, but you see deceiver,
You’re not that clever
Because… I never loved you either.
If it makes you feel any better,
Just thinking of you makes me quiver
I can’t altogether digest
The process of how you made me feel
Wretched, disgusted and thirsty,
Hands searching for pleasure yet remaining lonely
But still thirsting of more of what scourged me.
I hope you understand Satan,
My love I never loved,
You don’t own me
For I’m captured by mercy
And that me that you crave so dearly
Has died on an old rugged tree.
I hope you know,
My sight’s don’t look to dark rooms any more
I’m done with that eyesore.
I look to marvellous lights above;
I look to Jesus’s love.


[photocredit to Captain-Curly]


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