Thought I’d do a little mix for you guys… enjoy!

I stare in the mirror, dimly
At the disgrace that crafts my face
I hate this place
But alas I can’t escape
The glint of its dark glimmer
This man in the mirror
A silent killer who delivers me
Into the hands of my own fantasies
Where celebrities are those who
Are just there happy but then there’s me.
Lonely. Barely hanging on to threads
Deceptively stitching puppets that drive me
Every time I yank away.
I turn away, but he follows me everywhere I go
He stalks me.
He speaks in riddles that etch wrinkles across my brow
In weights that seek to bring me down
And I beg him to let me breathe
Because my lungs are filled with the sea,
These salty tears from fears of the ocean I drown in.
But he won’t cave in.
He just won’t let me win
But instead pushes me further
To dive in a whirlpool of perpetual pleasure
Living life in circles while going further in the struggle
My only direction to survive
Is to be carried further by the tides.
He may never give up,
But I know that I’ve had enough.
It’s always been rough
To stare at the bluff that daunts
That haunts me with it’s immaculate climb
To say that freedom cant be mine
Because I’m already too far gone
But as a lighthouse in the sea,
When mirror man collapsed over me
I caught a glimpse of hope and believed.
A beacon in my stress,
An uninvited guest
Who popped in to give me rest took time
To invest in this disgrace,
He extended grace
In the form of what my dark storms could not comprehend,
He sent light in the form of the Son.
I knew then that the mirror man was a reflection of me to the core
But in the light I saw a door
That made mention of a way of escape,
My chains were pierced,
My heart drove through like a spear through His side,
I bled love through His thigh and tears
That He cried just for me.
That while I drowned at sea,
He hung bare on a tree
For He is the saviour of the world
The individual to whom was given the title of criminal
For the one’s who’s mirrors proclaimed themselves so instead,
It was not trivial
For with His death and burial
We have been loosed and free,
To see that In Christ we are new creatures,
That the mirror is no longer you or me.
With tears he cried, thinking of you and I
As He breathed that it is finished.
He died and so did the mirror-man with Him.
But Christ rose, and I’ll be His witness.


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