Song of the Week: 100 – KB feat. Andy Mineo

Hey everyone! I’m finally back… my internet provider and I had a bit of a falling out but at least we are reunited. So much has happened since my last post, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to cover it all. Last night met me at an annual concert called Open House, where the likes of KB ministered and everyone who went was impacted greatly. This was one of the songs he did, and at the moment, I believe it describes some of what I’ve been through in the past.

In the society that we live in right now, I tend to think of myself as a bit of a deviant. I feel surrounded, and at times, overwhelmed, by wishes of prosperity and financial blessings through the vehicle of God Almighty’s ‘ask and you shall receive’ delivery service, as well as a mindset that the church is nothing more than the four walls that surround them. I find myself feeling as an alien among Christians, whereby my mindset is serving God with all my heart, soul and strength, as opposed to working out my life, and serving God with what my life allows me to. I don’t see God’s work as a job on the side, but rather as the main thing; the reason we live. Everything that we are given, and work to get, should be directed toward accomplishing God’s purpose.

In as much as it does sound nice, well to me at least, I can’t say that I live my life this way entirely. I recall vividly a Sunday when my Pastor had just wrapped up his sermon and prayer for those who came to the front, and had asked a simple question. He said, “are you ready to give your lives for the Lord?” to which rounds of Amens immediately followed. My lips parted then to drop my two syllable lie as well, when I stopped myself. I took a moment to consider what was asked, and what the answer implied. Giving my life for God meant that I should be willing to sacrifice any and everything for Him, and not just the things that I know aren’t good, like sin for example. The things that please me, the things that I work hard to achieve, all must be ready to be given up at a moment’s notice for the One I love, even if that means one that I love (ie. family, spouse). I then softly replied, “I’m not sure.”

The question wrestled with my innermost. Constantly. I felt that if I wasn’t going to give God my all, that I shouldn’t have received His all. He gave His best for me, so I wanted to give my best for Him. Now, I really want to give him my all: 100 percent; nothing less.