Real Talk: On Being Mr. Right

So there is this girl that I like… and no. I’m not perfect for her. If I was, that’d be great, but none of us are really. We all try to be that for those we do hold in high esteem (or just happen to be attracted to, or both for that matter). We try our best to woo and please, because we want them to notice us. We want them to see us as Mister or Miss right, and we want them to be that for us as well. It’s a lovely, exciting time, isn’t it? Some call it the thrill of the chase, while others agonizingly enjoy each and every moment of it.

But what happens when we reveal ourselves as less than perfect?


Whether they see it or not, we make mistakes sometimes. We can easily disappoint ourselves, or them. Sometimes it might be something small, or sometimes, not that small. The one thing that often is consistent however, is the guilt. We feel as sometimes, we fail them. Those who are especially critical might even go as far as to say they aren’t worthy of the target of their affection. At that point, it’s easy for anxieties to creep in and get the better of someone, turning a potential suitor into possibly just a friend, or even a complete stranger.

In the Book of Hosea, God instructs Hosea the prophet to marry Gomer, a prostitute. It was part of His plan to demonstrate to His people, the Israelites, how they failed Him, and how He felt about them in response. He made Hosea name some of His children things that translated to expressions such as “not pitied” and “not my people”, which was pretty harsh if you ask me. Being disowned by God is definitely not a nice thing.  They (Israel) worshipped many idols, and lost the love, faithfulness and mercy that was once among them. If you want a picture of how God felt about that, you could think of it as if they cheated on Him for someone else.

God still loved them however. Very much, in fact. He planned to remove from them the things that distracted them from the covenant that their ancestors made with Him, and to be reunited once more. He planned to clean them up, and take them back, which was why  Hosea had purchased Gomer back even after she cheated on him. She was by no means Ms. Right for Hosea, and far less the Israelites for God. If you think about it, that’s exactly what Jesus did for us. We made our mistakes, disobeyed God and were on our way to our rightful judgement of eternal punishment, but He loved us, and purchased us back.

Sometimes as Christians, and even in relationships, we do make our mistakes. We stress our hair grey with guilt because we believe our partners deserve better, and we know that God does. The thing is, as the Bible says, love covers a multitude of wrong. God has already forgiven us for our actions, and wants ,more than us becoming strangers to Him, for us to come back and let Him clean us up, and resume our relationship with Him. There is power in forgiveness, but you need to accept it. It takes a certain measure of love to be happy with someone when things are going well, but a greater love to overcome the lapses that do happen.

Want to be Mr. Right? Want to be Mrs. Right? Proverbs 24:16 says that the righteous falls seven times and rises again, In other words, don’t let your mistakes condemn you to the point of death. Get up, learn from them and move forward!

God bless everyone 🙂

Lonely Star

Dear Lonely Star,
I see you from my window sill,
Shining brightly within the darkness of night.
All by your self; your light reflective in my iris.
Teasing a diffraction as fluid emits from my cornea,
Whether they be from tears,
Or just from staring at you for so long I really don’t know.
You’re so far away, and so I can’t really say
That I know what’s going on.
You’re in your own ebony world;
Oblivious to the way you shine,
So much so that from light years away
You’re still remarkable, and that even if I try
to moisten my lips and let out a cry from the top of my lungs,
You won’t hear me.
But your light illuminates my doorstep
Inviting me to hear your melodies,
Though silent they be as they whisper in response to my pleas.
I wonder how it feels to be alone as you are,
A bright star, contrasting greatly against the infinity of darkness
that surrounds you.
I can’t say I empathize.
But within the musings of my mind I try.
I attempt to contemplate the mysteries of your  universe
As you glisten upon the dark of my ignorance
Curiously encoding the sentences that I’d toss out to you
If only I knew of what troubled you.

What would I say, then?

I’d jump to say keep shining,
because even in the midst of it all
your radiance remains,
shining brighter still because of all that surrounds you.
I’d say that even though it feels like you’re alone,
there are millions looking up to you right now,
who gain hope from the simple things you do.
I’d say that even though no one else shines around you,
that perhaps, light years away from both of us,
there’s another lonely star that just can’t seem to find its light,
that just might turn to you and set ablaze once again.
I’d say that as selfish as it sounds,
that even though you’re so far away.
your light’s company in my own night.
and I’d not want that to disappear.
i’d say that once you keep shining the way you do,
with enough time and patience,
there will one day be a way,
for me to find my way to you.

Keep shining.

Matthew 5:16
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Song of the week: Divine Romance – Phil Wickham

Hey good folks! I know I usually post these on Sundays but there was an outage in our internet service yesterday and I had to go to bed early for work so I thought I’d just do it today instead. So as usual, why this song?

A very special friend of mine suggested this song to me, and from what I said and the title of the song, I know what you’re thinking. It’s not that kind of song :p Why I love it is because of the simplicity behind it. For me, it does the beautiful thing of locking out the cares of this world, bringing the soul to an intimate place between the Creator and created. For me, it then tosses up this beautiful scenery against a backdrop of life hastily scrolling by, as if every moment lived was simply an expression of love that God has for us, and our response to His pursuing love.

Enjoy! have a great one.

Real talk: Be a Man!

There are several versions of what truly defines manhood. What does it really mean to be a man? Some see it as a game of how much hearts they can break without getting caught; what car they drive, how much sex they have… others find it in money and power. In the realm of Christianity, there also exists an idea of what manhood is. Some brethren and I (shout out to my dorm brothers 😉 ) were discussing this feature of manhood as it relates to women. For those of you familiar with the DISC personality profiles (it’s a really interesting thing to check out if you have the time) we came to the conclusion that females generally can have the tendency to be attracted to those who exhibit D-type traits.

In the church, we found that upon examination, we have a culture where such traits are usually frowned upon. That leading, commanding, authoritative sort of demeanour is often seen as not “Christ-like” and instead of grooming leaders and visionaries, the male product of the church often reflects one who is obedient and submissive (which, interestingly enough, is what God desires of wives for their husbands). As Christian men, we were instructed to love our wives as Christ loved the church, and gave his life for it.

What does this look like?

It’s often said that Boaz was a picture of Christ. In the book of Ruth, we see certain things about him and his behaviour to his soon to be bride, and it certainly wasn’t obedient and submissive. He respected her; he ensured that his male servants did not harass her in any way. He gave freely to her, with no intention of receiving in return. He instructed his men that while they were gathering up barley for the harvest, to leave a little more than extra so that during her gleaning for the extras that they left back she’d get a little more. He allowed her to be among his own maidens, to show her the ropes and guide her. He spoke to her with kindness; showing her favour that she felt as if she didn’t deserve.

He saw worth, and value in her. Did he love her from the start? Who knows. In the culture we live in, it’s impossible for is to see it any other way, with they way that he treated her. It was easy to paint the illustration manly-version_00358570of the analogy between him and Christ, because of the grace that he bestowed upon her, who was an outsider and had no entitlement toward his treatment whatsoever. But what of us, as men? Have we seen women in this way? Or do we?

We need to see the value in women; especially those who exhibit exemplary qualities as Ruth did. We may not have servants like Boaz did, or fields of barley, but we can still try to provide for that special woman, and protect her. He was very intentional about his actions, and so should we. A simple thing such as choosing what to eat for lunch shouldn’t be our kryptonite, and neither should leading those we love in the way that Boaz did. The real question to you is, how do you see yourself doing this practically? How do you go about showing forth your love toward that special someone?

I’m pretty sure that no matter what concept of manliness you ascribe to, you can agree that this guy was pretty manly. As a Christian, it’s important to know that our identity as a man is found not in the lady at our side, but the God in our hearts. He has the final say. He was our example, and I guarantee you that he was no pushover. His only time spent in submission was him actively demonstrating his love toward us, that while we were yet sinners, he died for us. Can you love like that? I’m not sure I can just yet. But I can guarantee you, I’m going to try my hardest to get there.

Song of the week : Touch the Sky – Hillsong United

So I admit. I’m not really a fan of Hillsong. I used to be, but then I found a lot of other music, and began to wander into a myriad of other artists and loved their work. Upon venturing back, I found that they were too mainstream and being the rebel that I am, I may have selfishly chosen to stop listening to them. I do hear them now and then, for after all, they are mainstream. This song in particular I really enjoy because to me it speaks of a freedom and liberty that is found when laying our lives down for the honour and glory of Jesus Christ. It sounds pretty counter-intuitive, but it’s something that I couldn’t have found to be more true in my life, especially now where I’m really trying to figure out where I want my life to go in terms of my future.

I hope you too can find that place of laying your life down for Christ, and finding the joy that is guaranteed to follow. It might not be immediate, because it really hurts to deny yourself daily, but there’s a peace that comes with it that is refreshing beyond compare. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

Midnight Escape

Sitting on the sand,
God’s hand on my shoulder.
Beholding the calm of the waves
Breath taken from the gaze
Of the beauty that He bestowed
The midnight sky, glowing amethyst
for fathoms from where I sit,
Accented in tandem with the lines of crests below.
Sparkling as the lights of that which perplexed me
Dotted the serenity of the scenery with stars above.
All converging to the twilight of life itself;
The Horizon of my eternity.
We watched silently as stars twinkled through the night
loosing significance as it contrasted with the light
At the end; so bright that all shone in vain.
Peace whispered in the wind.
“Be still, and know that I am God.”
soft as my perch in the sand below
Was His hand upon me.
One by one each problem,
Circumstance and occurrence whether it be to my offence
Or His, fizzled in the cadence of the ocean.
We talked and I riddled him with the glory of what caused me anxiety,
But he simply waived them away with His presence
And in essence, said nothing.
But rather, He gave me clarity.
In a still small voice whispered He what my heart really wanted to say,
And in the same breath said go ahead.
I’m with you no matter what.
Take every step while holding my hand,
And you’ll never go astray.


(photocredit to cloud9point1)