Sitting on the sand,
God’s hand on my shoulder.
Beholding the calm of the waves
Breath taken from the gaze
Of the beauty that He bestowed
The midnight sky, glowing amethyst
for fathoms from where I sit,
Accented in tandem with the lines of crests below.
Sparkling as the lights of that which perplexed me
Dotted the serenity of the scenery with stars above.
All converging to the twilight of life itself;
The Horizon of my eternity.
We watched silently as stars twinkled through the night
loosing significance as it contrasted with the light
At the end; so bright that all shone in vain.
Peace whispered in the wind.
“Be still, and know that I am God.”
soft as my perch in the sand below
Was His hand upon me.
One by one each problem,
Circumstance and occurrence whether it be to my offence
Or His, fizzled in the cadence of the ocean.
We talked and I riddled him with the glory of what caused me anxiety,
But he simply waived them away with His presence
And in essence, said nothing.
But rather, He gave me clarity.
In a still small voice whispered He what my heart really wanted to say,
And in the same breath said go ahead.
I’m with you no matter what.
Take every step while holding my hand,
And you’ll never go astray.


(photocredit to cloud9point1)


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