Dear Lonely Star,
I see you from my window sill,
Shining brightly within the darkness of night.
All by your self; your light reflective in my iris.
Teasing a diffraction as fluid emits from my cornea,
Whether they be from tears,
Or just from staring at you for so long I really don’t know.
You’re so far away, and so I can’t really say
That I know what’s going on.
You’re in your own ebony world;
Oblivious to the way you shine,
So much so that from light years away
You’re still remarkable, and that even if I try
to moisten my lips and let out a cry from the top of my lungs,
You won’t hear me.
But your light illuminates my doorstep
Inviting me to hear your melodies,
Though silent they be as they whisper in response to my pleas.
I wonder how it feels to be alone as you are,
A bright star, contrasting greatly against the infinity of darkness
that surrounds you.
I can’t say I empathize.
But within the musings of my mind I try.
I attempt to contemplate the mysteries of your  universe
As you glisten upon the dark of my ignorance
Curiously encoding the sentences that I’d toss out to you
If only I knew of what troubled you.

What would I say, then?

I’d jump to say keep shining,
because even in the midst of it all
your radiance remains,
shining brighter still because of all that surrounds you.
I’d say that even though it feels like you’re alone,
there are millions looking up to you right now,
who gain hope from the simple things you do.
I’d say that even though no one else shines around you,
that perhaps, light years away from both of us,
there’s another lonely star that just can’t seem to find its light,
that just might turn to you and set ablaze once again.
I’d say that as selfish as it sounds,
that even though you’re so far away.
your light’s company in my own night.
and I’d not want that to disappear.
i’d say that once you keep shining the way you do,
with enough time and patience,
there will one day be a way,
for me to find my way to you.

Keep shining.

Matthew 5:16
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


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