So there is this girl that I like… and no. I’m not perfect for her. If I was, that’d be great, but none of us are really. We all try to be that for those we do hold in high esteem (or just happen to be attracted to, or both for that matter). We try our best to woo and please, because we want them to notice us. We want them to see us as Mister or Miss right, and we want them to be that for us as well. It’s a lovely, exciting time, isn’t it? Some call it the thrill of the chase, while others agonizingly enjoy each and every moment of it.

But what happens when we reveal ourselves as less than perfect?


Whether they see it or not, we make mistakes sometimes. We can easily disappoint ourselves, or them. Sometimes it might be something small, or sometimes, not that small. The one thing that often is consistent however, is the guilt. We feel as sometimes, we fail them. Those who are especially critical might even go as far as to say they aren’t worthy of the target of their affection. At that point, it’s easy for anxieties to creep in and get the better of someone, turning a potential suitor into possibly just a friend, or even a complete stranger.

In the Book of Hosea, God instructs Hosea the prophet to marry Gomer, a prostitute. It was part of His plan to demonstrate to His people, the Israelites, how they failed Him, and how He felt about them in response. He made Hosea name some of His children things that translated to expressions such as “not pitied” and “not my people”, which was pretty harsh if you ask me. Being disowned by God is definitely not a nice thing.  They (Israel) worshipped many idols, and lost the love, faithfulness and mercy that was once among them. If you want a picture of how God felt about that, you could think of it as if they cheated on Him for someone else.

God still loved them however. Very much, in fact. He planned to remove from them the things that distracted them from the covenant that their ancestors made with Him, and to be reunited once more. He planned to clean them up, and take them back, which was why  Hosea had purchased Gomer back even after she cheated on him. She was by no means Ms. Right for Hosea, and far less the Israelites for God. If you think about it, that’s exactly what Jesus did for us. We made our mistakes, disobeyed God and were on our way to our rightful judgement of eternal punishment, but He loved us, and purchased us back.

Sometimes as Christians, and even in relationships, we do make our mistakes. We stress our hair grey with guilt because we believe our partners deserve better, and we know that God does. The thing is, as the Bible says, love covers a multitude of wrong. God has already forgiven us for our actions, and wants ,more than us becoming strangers to Him, for us to come back and let Him clean us up, and resume our relationship with Him. There is power in forgiveness, but you need to accept it. It takes a certain measure of love to be happy with someone when things are going well, but a greater love to overcome the lapses that do happen.

Want to be Mr. Right? Want to be Mrs. Right? Proverbs 24:16 says that the righteous falls seven times and rises again, In other words, don’t let your mistakes condemn you to the point of death. Get up, learn from them and move forward!

God bless everyone 🙂


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