A repost, but a favourite 🙂

The matters of the heart

I know you’re sitting there wondering
Smothering in mutterings of questions
For every day mysteries surround you
And you daily ask for strength to make it through.
I know.
I don’t know what it takes to get to
That place where I’ll get you,
In that I’ll understand the intricacies through which you were made
For you were Michelangelo’d to a angel bearing haloes
That circle around my mind.
Who are you? Why is it that my heart smiles
Every time I think about the isles
To which my love is deserted.
That on some distant shore my love is anchored
Tethered there by the will of the Saviour
That some day, in some way He’d come to our rescue.
I don’t know.
Till I figure out the latitude and longitude of these feels
The only real altitude to which this heart will steer
Is to the heavens with my…

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