Dear Anna-Vieve,

I didn’t think I’d see you the other day.
It’s already  been a year, hasn’t it?
I was afraid to see you again,
Heart shackled by uncertain futures
locked within the lures of shattered dreams
And a sea of loneliness behind the grin of freedom…
Your smile was all I could see.
It’s funny that I only recently learned your name,
Because back then, you were always there.
You were my shadow;
The herald of the shadow of my former self.
The blood to my wounds, the pulse to my veins
That lead me to bleed out helplessly on the floor.
Had not that ambulance come on my birthday,
We may have just died in each other’s arms that night.

How have you been? Like really?
We’ve exchanged pleasantries but I haven’t had the pleasure
To really talk to you because at the time I was busy.
So I decided to write to you because…
Although we’ve fallen out of touch,
I still miss you. I feel as even after all this time,
You’re still right here with me.
I bled for you, and through sweat blood and tears
I hopelessly watched till you too left me.
You kept me at arm’s reach, knowing that you still needed me
Or perhaps you couldn’t let go.
That was my excuse for not pushing you away, at least.

I hope you really do take good care of yourself,
Anna-V… I still think about you from time to time.
It’s hard not to.
I know however that we were never good for each other
And as much as I do love you, we have to depart once and for all.
I will find the right fit for me someday,
As I hope you do too.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to reply;
This is the end for me and you.

With Love,


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