In Trinidad and Tobago, to be declared ‘ready for house’, one is seen to have certain qualities that supposedly prepare them for marriage. Typically, it’s often said of people who can cook. If anyone knows me, they would know that by measure of that yardstick, I am no way near ready for house. Pretty much by any yardstick for that matter, I find myself falling horribly short of that title, and often I’d jokingly make my boast in it. You should see my room right now. Of course, by then you’d have probably seen too much, and I’d have to erase your memory somehow. It really isn’t that bad though… I hope. The truth is, I’m hardly home, and by extension the house is the area to which I show the most neglect. At the very least, if you need someone to wash the dishes, I’m your guy 😉

Well, in recent times, a lot of the above forcefully changed.

You could say that I haven’t chosen the ‘ready for house life’, but the ready for house life has begun to choose me. The main caretaker of our home, my mother, has been in the hospital for a while due to a procedure that she had to do. My father works until really late, and my brother and I still have to eat and so on, so just like that we had to learn to cook in a trial of fire… literally. It wasn’t just cooking either. Cleaning the house, ironing clothes (my father handles the laundry otherwise) and yes, washing the dishes, were never all activities I would tell you that I`d be planning to do after work if you asked me about a week ago.

I’m not an expert chef or anything now, and my clothes still have a few wrinkles in them at the end of the day. So perhaps, I’m still not ready for house yet. The food didn’t burn and I’m alive to write this post, so I’d say I’m off to a good start. Strangely enough I’m glad for the opportunity that has been given to me, because I believe it is encouraging a level of maturity  that I haven’t experienced before, and if life has taught me anything, it’s that if this is the lesson, there will be a test… but I’ll be ready for it.

What has life taught me in all this? Life is precious. You take things for granted until you find yourself without them. You don’t have to go through or do things alone; let people help you. Cooking isn’t rocket science. Google makes everything a little easier. Trust God. His peace helps you have the strength to pull through, even when it’s hopeless. A handful of true friends is greater than a bucket of acquaintances. Rest is important.

Maybe you are ready for house. Perhaps you’re just like me and getting there by the grace of God, but no matter where you are, you’re always able to make a difference in your world. So pitch in today if you can; not just in your home, but in your school, workplace, church, community… wherever you see a need that you can help fill. A little sacrifice can go a long way. When Jesus died for us and paid our debts for our mistakes, His sacrifice stretched toward all eternity. In following His example, let’s try to see how our sacrifice can benefit others and make them happy. Trust me, you’ll be happy too 🙂 Enjoy your day everyone!



One thought on “Ready for House

  1. Love your post. Sometimes we are thrown into experiences that prepare us for our future. Seems like you were able to flourish with this opportunity. Well wishes to you and your family!

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