I know this feeling all too well… what about you?

Let's talk about the L word!

When unrequited, there’s really no sonant feedback coming from the other side, with time you learn to find strange definitions for the silences, maybe it’s the reticences that ultimately mean something, more than expected. It’s difficult to learn this way, but I’ll say that it’s maybe the best path to achieve personal growth, by getting to know love and life, independently and on your own. Experiencing rejection, or to better say it, the lack of reciprocity you so urgently needed, to comfort your heart is tough and she ain’t made to make it easy for you. She is free and willful, so are you, and yet you couldn’t hold your own freedom for long, after she got inside you. She owned you, always will. You were powerless, not anymore, you hope.

You improve yourself in impossible ways just to become worthy of a love she can’t express, a love she is probably unfit to receive, yet you tirelessly…

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