Dear Lonely Star,
The night has grown dark once more,
And despite my many travels,
You yet remain so distant.
I stay; reminiscent of my window sill
When you stood radiant,
Blushing well amidst the display that surrounded you.
As if you were the moon,
You reflected the light of the Son so beautifully,
Polished by the black cloth of the sky.

Tonight, somehow… it’s different.
I could have seen clearly the stark contrast before;
A gloomy field of darkness in which you grazed,
Or rather, in which you were grazed,
But now, vision is obscured by a haze that has crept in.
Threatening to put my hopes in a coffin of seeing you once more.
But yet you gleam on the horizon,
Beaming your innocent rays for many a dull heart around you;
I pray that that light never be extinguished.

It almost feels as if your star has just about made its nest in the mountains beyond,
No longer to be seen  by this side of the world for the night;
Perhaps ever, but Who knows.
I thought it fitting to say at least one last thing,
A few words before you go:

Perhaps you are not a lonely star anymore.
I see many a light that has kindled around you,
And I know that it was due to encouragement of your brilliance.
Still, they cannot shine like you do, for no one can.
Only you can shine, so as to fulfil the purpose for which you burst into being.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed you.
Perhaps one who doesn’t have to reach for the stars to get to you.
Never let anyone, or anything, stop your shine.
A star is who you are; you can’t help it.
You were set apart, high above the clouds,
And I may have a slight idea of how you got there,
But truly only you and God Himself could understand.
I’ve had the privilege of seeing you within my night sky for quite some time,
And your light has been a blessing to me.
Maybe I miss that a little.
But I know that if beyond the mountains is truly where you go,
That it is where you are meant to be.
Stop being so afraid, Lonely Star.
Go forth and make Him proud.
With every move you make, and every time that night falls
And you show up over this lovely planet,
That you so shine, that they will see you,
And glorify Him.
Just looking at you,
I know you will be great if you let Him use you.
So let go of your own darkness,
And step into His marvellous light.

Whether this be goodbye, to a dawn of new beginnings,
Or a curious twilight, eclipsing the sun for you shine a bit longer,
I truly do not know.
Reaching for the stars truly does make your arms tired,
But until i do know,
My hands will continue to be uplifted;
Not simply in want,
But in praise for what lies before my very window sill.

" "

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