An excellent thought for the morning as we enter a new week 🙂

Come Awake

A frazzled young mother struggles to care for her two small children in the middle of a hospital lobby. The little baby cries, tiny chest heaving up and down, unwilling to be consoled. The toddler runs around the weary mother who finally gets a hold of her to clean her up. There’s baby stuff everywhere and the remnants of a meager and now cold meal sitting on the table next to her. She looks exhausted. She looks worn.

Oh, how our hearts leap to our throats as we watch this situation unfolding before us. There’s a tug on our hearts to do something. Oh, but we brush it aside.

No, that’s weird. What could I possibly do? Offer to hold her baby? Yeah, no. She’d probably think I’m a crazy person. No, I’m just going to mind my own business. After all, no one else seems to be noticing. 

And so we continue sitting across from…

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Real Talk: What do you wanna do?

I was reading an article this morning on little something called burnout; something that I’m all too familiar with. A curious point that was raised was that of taking time for yourself. Intrigued as I was, from my experience I knew that this is a tried and true method of keeping yourself up to scratch for the things that you have to do, and so I decided that I should implement it. I should take time to do some of the things that I enjoy, in order to mentally recuperate and be on top of the game.. and to enjoy life! Naturally, a certain question came up following this decision.

“What do you wanna do?”

I immediately began to list several activities that I normally do (posting to this blog was one of them, which , as you could see, hasn’t been done much lately) and in the midst of the whirring of my mental fan trying to cool my brain from all this processing, something clicked, and I interrupted myself. I was listing things I can do, but not things that I want to do. I began to rattle off to myself about unfinished projects and little things that I’d like to finish or continue, but nothing that I truly found enjoyment in doing. Those things were more than likely to just become more tasks that I’d have to do, and eventually lead me to being burnt out more than I was before.

Further to that, I extrapolated this concept a little further. Why do we do anything that we do? Do we enjoy  it? By enjoy, I l-Tired-puppy-is-tireddo not necessarily mean a direct happiness derived from what we do, but rather an acceptable standard of return or utility from what we do. When it is that we become faced with a mountain of tasks and no real measure of enjoyment from them, it’s only natural that we shall loose our keen and become dull to the actual pleasures of life that surround us. I believe this is even true of our walk with God.

I’ve been an active member of my church for a couple of years. I’m involved in a lot of things typically, and after having become involved in campus ministry last year, a few of these responsibilities slipped through the cracks. Mentally, it crushed me. I felt so obligated to do all these things, but my mind and body simply couldn’t handle it. It left me torn between trying to meet the demands I can  without any consideration for self, and dropping a few things to be able to manage, but hating myself for it. I chose the former, and lived to regret it later. I couldn’t give my 100% to all that I did, and it costed me in the long run.

Knowing the God that we serve, we can’t believe that us slaving into the ground is what He wants for us. Psalm 100:2 says that we should serve the Lord with gladness. Our service should not only bring Him joy, but we should obtain a measure of joy in our service to Him as well! I don’t know about you but It’s pretty near impossible for me to serve Him with gladness when I’m tired and weary and refusing to rest.

So what do you like to do? Spending time with yourself, and moreover some quality time with God, is vital to survival. Doing too much? Stop! It may hurt to let go of things, but it will hurt to hold on even more. Prayerfully prioritize, and leave the rest alone. Trust me, you might just be better for it 😉

Have a great day everyone!