An excellent thought for the morning as we enter a new week 🙂

Come Awake

A frazzled young mother struggles to care for her two small children in the middle of a hospital lobby. The little baby cries, tiny chest heaving up and down, unwilling to be consoled. The toddler runs around the weary mother who finally gets a hold of her to clean her up. There’s baby stuff everywhere and the remnants of a meager and now cold meal sitting on the table next to her. She looks exhausted. She looks worn.

Oh, how our hearts leap to our throats as we watch this situation unfolding before us. There’s a tug on our hearts to do something. Oh, but we brush it aside.

No, that’s weird. What could I possibly do? Offer to hold her baby? Yeah, no. She’d probably think I’m a crazy person. No, I’m just going to mind my own business. After all, no one else seems to be noticing. 

And so we continue sitting across from…

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