The Know-It-All.

Come Awake

Teaching math to 5th graders isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. And I teach 80 of them.

You’ve got this huge, diverse room full of students throughout the day. Different cultures, different learning preferences, and most importantly, they’re all on completely different learning levels! While I have a few 5th graders who are probably at a 6th grade math level, I also have students who are still on a 4th grade math level – and they all share the same classroom!

Now, I know that all of you will remember that kid in your classes. Yes, I’m talking about the know-it-all. You know, the one whose hand is flying up into the air with an answer before the teacher even finishes the question. Well, I’ve got one of those in my class this year. Let’s call him Evan.

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Foreign Places

morning_landscape_25_by_wienwal(photocredit to wienwal)

Sitting blankly in a foreign place
Amazed at the newness of life
Fingertips distant from the touch that once was,
I sit in the din of morning to write.
I write of things long lost yet hoped for
In light of things I hoped to find
In light of a treasure I have obtained,
A precious thing I may soon call mine.
Truly a gift to me,
Wrapped neatly a bow from the Almighty,
For I know that in all honesty,
I can never truly be worthy.
I write because in the dark of night she whispers to me what other would not;
Her company is welcome, inviting and warm.
I had grown accustomed to a cold acquaintance that wasn’t quite love at all,
But just an uneasy calm through life storms.
Her voice is tinged with waves of emotions
I have yet to experience before.
They speak, and rejoice in,  the truth of what I mean to her,
And make me excited for what God has in store.
Her touch surprises me with jolts of electricity
That leave me shocked and sincerely thankful
It comes a bit stronger than expected
As she leaves me in awe and humbled.
So I sit in a foreign place,
Grinning internally and at peace.
I found myself writing finally:
I write because I’m happy.