Hey there good people! So it has indeed been a little while since my last post, but life happens sometimes. I’ve been quite excited about this post, and I hope that for you all, it was well worth the wait. As I’ve mentioned previously, a lot has happened in a short space of time, and if it was possible to escape into a vacuum transcended beyond the laws of time and allowed me to share every detail of those experiences with you, I’m certain that I would. So much was learnt over these last few months, and I yearn to have been able to edify you all in those lessons as well.

Alas, life happens.

Curiously, along this happening of life, I happened to come across someone who I hope to share it with until the end of my sojourn on planet Earth. On the 8th of November, I entered into a blissful relationship. It came as a pleasant surprise; naturally and timely. I couldn’t have wished for a better friend and companion to share this life with, and so I do hope and pray that we hold fast and true till the end, and that our relationship will bring honor and glory to the God that allowed it to happen.


So how did it happen?

I’m sure many of you would like to get into the details of where we met and all that, but that wasn’t the purpose of this post. Sorry! What I will say is that I had some reservations about us getting into this relationship. As some of you may know, I was in a relationship previously. Its aftermath came at a time where I was in a situation that required me to work with her, and so I resolved to shelve my feelings for the sake of the cause, which it as it turns out, was possibly the worst decision that I could have made at that point.

In the short run, it was alright. We got the job done, and things were going well. However, as time panned on, those emotions festered and poisoned me. While I had no animosity toward her whatsoever, bitterness welled up inside me. It appeared in places I didn’t expect, and it was only after our task was finished at the end of the academic year that I was able to adequately deal with those emotions. I was able to accept the hurt, embrace it, and place it at the foot of the cross and move on. The faster you forgive, accept and allow yourself to deal with the hurts you receive from those who may be close to, the better.

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Trust me.

Having gone through that, I was a bit afraid of hazarding my heart again. I certainly didn’t want to feel that again, and more so, I couldn’t bear to cause that to someone else. I wanted to be sure that when I commit to such a relationship again, that it would be with the one who I marry and spend the rest of my life with. So what did we do? Well, the same thing that I did with my emotions and hurt from before. We took it to Jesus. We spent some quality time in prayer and fasting, and only after we both felt fully confident that this was for us, that we committed to each other.

That wasn’t to say that our relationship didn’t come with its challenges. Some of those challenges threatened the foundations of what we felt for each other, but in a miraculous way, they have brought us closer together and we thank God for them. My encouragement to you today is not the typical “your time will come” kind of message,  because truth be told, I don’t know that for sure, and quite possibly, you don’t either. My encouragement is to continue trusting God. Seek Him with all you have, and at all times be ready to sacrifice what it takes to be obedient to His call. In my  own life, I have to daily crucify myself and what I want, so that nothing comes before my joy in Christ. That includes me continually placing our relationship in the hands and mercy of our Creator.


I believe that we have officially caught up enough! I’ve just about highlighted all the major happenings within these few months. I hope that you’ve been encouraged and challenged in some way, and if you have, please share! I’d love to hear from you all. There are some fun things in store for you all, so I do hope you stick around. Stay tuned, and continue to live  your life for His honor and glory. Enjoy your day! Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, so by default, you are awesome 😉


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