Was digging through some of my old posts and I found this gem… hope you like!

The matters of the heart

So there is this girl that I like… and no. I’m not perfect for her. If I was, that’d be great, but none of us are really. We all try to be that for those we do hold in high esteem (or just happen to be attracted to, or both for that matter). We try our best to woo and please, because we want them to notice us. We want them to see us as Mister or Miss right, and we want them to be that for us as well. It’s a lovely, exciting time, isn’t it? Some call it the thrill of the chase, while others agonizingly enjoy each and every moment of it.

But what happens when we reveal ourselves as less than perfect?


Whether they see it or not, we make mistakes sometimes. We can easily disappoint ourselves, or them. Sometimes it might be something small, or…

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