God disciplines those that He LOVES. And I like that 🙂

Come Awake

One day a mother put her child in time out, and the child sincerely thanked her mother for it as she walked toward the corner. After serving her five-minute sentence, she stood up and approached her mother with a sincere apology, explaining the heart attitude behind her transgression and resolving to be more like Christ in every way. The daughter also thanked the mother for loving her enough to correct her right away.

You may not be familiar with this story and that is because I made it up. Quite possibly, there may be children somewhere that can immediately appreciate the love that fuels proper parental discipline. In fact, if they do exist, the whole family should be studied. Successful discipline is an area of parenting that often confounds me. First of all, I have to make sure I am not disciplining “out of anger.” Then, the child has to…

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