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And did I not say in my heart, “How can we accept the Lord’s forgiveness.” And did I not act as though I knew better than Him? Yet He has been patient and merciful. The Lord raises up and He brings down He creates and He destroys It is He who will judge And I […]

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Letter to the Persecuted Church


To my people who cry out for justice with busted lips
Who fall on the deaf ears of torturers who treat them with silence;
And no, not the master who drives the whip and stones
Or the family member who drives them out their homes…
Us: the Body. The saved by grace through faith body
Go to church on Sunday acting like we’re somebody
Cry Abba for a raise in salary Body.
I know you’ve all been waiting to hear from us.
Perhaps just for a word of encouragement.
That perhaps our prayers aren’t as minuscule as the budget
We allocate to actually profit the Kingdom.
Worse yet for you.
We’re not accustomed to reaching out further than our comfort zone to
Do anything other than enlarge our territory
Move mountains to get a better view of the Promised Land
Given by the promised hands of tongues twisted by the love of funds
Rather than the love of people.
Building treasures to the heavens instead of heavenly treasures,
It’s no wonder we lost sight of you.
A mirage of prosperity and success in ministry
Dwarfs the sincerity of our charity.
It has narrowed our eyes so we can’t see overseas
Or even stretch a hand beyond the borders of our community…
Some kind of body we are.
My persecuted people, today I bend  my knees
In humility and earnest apology
For the neglect that we display daily.
It kills me to know that my brother suffers
And I bring nothing to offer.
But no more.
Today I stand in solidarity with my persecuted family
One with them in unity in prayer that others may see
And submit to the necessity that our prayers are necessary
That our faith would inspire works to bring words
That work together for their good,
That we’d seek to help in whatever way we can; we should.
That even perhaps someone would make the reasonable service
To sacrifice themselves daily to lend assistance
Because they too need Jesus and to be surrounded by the Body.
Yes. The Body.
The love others like ourselves Body.
The go out of their selves taking stocks of shelves to ship it
to those who need it Body.
The give till it hurts Body.
The Body that Christ inspires us to be.