I recently had the privilege of conversing with a new friend from Cuba. A musician, he was part of a movement in his home country that became one of the first groups to perform within a public christian concert ever. Conversing with him, you could hear his passion for the Gospel. That day, a word he repeated that stuck with me was desperation. He came from a communist country where the expression of your faith was highly determined by the government. If you say the wrong things in a public audience, you can easily be jailed.

He came from a place where persecution was real; where in the midst of the persecution, a thirst and desire for Christ was evident. Thankfully for us where I come from, our multicultural society gladly accepts our freedom to worship, without much opposition, if at all. After hearing his story, along with many others, it left a question lingering in the corners of my mind.

How desperate am I for Jesus?


Desperation typically indicates extreme circumstances that strongly urge one to act. I read a book recently that talked about living in a war time culture. In those times, the pleasures of life are cast aside in favor of survival. If the neighbors need bread, you get them bread. If someone is injured, you help them to the best of your ability. As Christians, we can easily get caught up in the niceties of life, that we forget the purpose we have been given: to spread the gospel of Christ. We live because of the gospel; we live for the gospel.

My encouragement is not to abandon things because they are nice, but to remember to live and breathe and do to the glory of God. My desire is to reach the point in life where I am so passionately desperate for Jesus that I can’t live a day without Him; a moment even. I want to reach a place where the pleasures of life are fickle in  comparison to my pursuit of holiness.  I wish that I would hunger and thirst after Him like my life depended on it, because when you think about it, it really does.

My heart goes out to those affected by the recent Orlando shooting, which was one of the worst in America’s history. It really goes to show the uncertainty of life, that we can be here one day, and gone the next. To live is Christ, and to die is gain, but while we live, we NEED to allow God to use us in whatever ways He can to reach the lost. We NEED to truly believe that in Christ we can do all things, and let Him have His way in our lives not just as individuals, but as the sole unitary body of Christ, for the furtherance of His Kingdom. We cannot afford to be idle in these days.

My prayer is that you too will embark on this journey with me to become desperate for Him. I pray that we will do whatever it takes to see His glory: that we will not let sin, shame, condemnation , fear, fellow Christians, our family, our spouses or anyone else and anything else hold us back from the course we have ahead of us.

Keep fighting guys, you are not in this alone! #Sameteam



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