You ever feel like you’re not good enough?
I have. It’s been rough trying to tough it out there where no one cares
And all your luck brings you are bad circumstances.|
No matter how much times you chance it
Failure keeps coming back like some bad romance.
It’s not that fun now is it?
I don’t know about you, but I tend to feel like Jonah.
His persona is tied to one who tried to
Do it on his own, but God had different plans.
It took a great fish to help him understand his death wish of trying to appose his maker
And in the end he was angry because God was a savior instead of a bringer of fire and brimstone.
I perspire when I think about purpose.
It always has this eerie ring to it like if the Holy Spirit gonna come in like a wrecking ball and go all hadoken!
On your plans and all you can do is tremble as he says hey.  Ninevah. Now.
Yet somehow I always come around and i don’t know how but it just leaves you in awe of who God is.
As you reminisce of his goodness and the way leaves you breathless as you’re drowning with feet off the ground
Heart pounding eyes on his hand reaching out to o ye of little faith.
And you put a little faith and start to make baby steps on oceans deep
And creep to your daddy with tears in your eyes cause the storms came in and left you shaken and all you can do is crawl to Him.
I don’t know about you but I’m all to familiar with that weakness.  But that’s when He is strong.
There’s something about  being as weak as chaff that causes that fire to burn.
Despite your reluctance the Holy Spirit comes up with just the right heat to set you ablaze.
He instills a crazed desire in your heart to be a part of his great mission, and big fish or no, there’s a fire shut up in your bones
And to  that Ninevah you go, knowing Who is in control.
You know that as you march your nemesis brings the genesis of his plots to lead you into captivity
But no weapon formed against thee will prosper.
Little did he know that your exodus draws nigh, and while he might be vex with us,
Who vex loss because the boss has already spoken when he said it’s done…
It’s finished.
And your spirit jumps for joy as you employ yourself to be used by him once again.
Despite your anxiety Christ brought the remedy of love power and a sound mind
As he was so inclined to see us at his side that he died at the cross for us.
So go.
You might be a failure like me,
But God brings the victory and his comforter is right there to assure your safety.
So go.
You might be afraid of how you’d be seen but he sees you
and smiles as you choose to not give in.
So go,
Let him guide you
And don’t try to act like you’re in control. Just go.
Be still and know that He is God,
And he’s greater than any force of nature that would raise their hand against you.



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